Llaniestyn Census 1861

(Page two)


House,    Person Name,    Relation,    Condition,    Age,    Occupation,    Where Born


Cae Cannad

Henry Jones, Marr, 44, Farmer 34 acres, Llaniestyn.

Jane Jones, Wife 44, Llaniestyn.

Janet Jones, Daughter, Un, 22, Llaniestyn.

William Jones, Son, Un, 16, Llaniestyn.

Jane Jones, daughter, 12, Llaniestyn.

John Richard, Boarder, Widower, 68, Llaniestyn.


Cae garw

John Williams, Head, Marr, 25, farmer 10 acres, Llaniestyn.

Elin Williams, Wife,22, Farmerís Wife, Llanfihangel.

Catherine Williams, Daughter, 1, Llanfihangel.

Ellin Roberts, Servant, Un, 18, House servant, Llaniestyn.


Ty Newydd

William Thomas, Head, Un, 49, Farmer 32, Acres, Llaniestyn.

Thomas Thomas, Brother, Un, 43, Farmer 32, acres, Llaniestyn.

Ann Elis, Servant, 43, House Servant, Llaniestyn.



Griffith Jones, Head, Marr, 33, Farm Labourer, Edern.

Elizabeth Jones, Wife, 39, Bryncroes.

Hugh Jones, son, 9, Llaniestyn.

William Jones, son, 7, Llaniestyn.

Elizabeth Jones, daughter, 5, Llaniestyn.

Catherine Jones, Daughter, 3, Llaniestyn.

Ann Jones, Daughter, 1, Llaniestyn,


Bwlchgroes Isaf

Salmon Jones, Head, Marr, 35, Farmer 19 acres, Llaniestyn.

Jane Jones, farmerís Wife, Farmerís wife, Llanengan.

Catherine Jones, Boarder, Widow, 86, Llaniestyn.


Tai Tlodion

John Owens, Head, Marr, 71, Farmer 12 acres, Llaniestyn.

Elizabeth Owens, Wife, 67, Llaniestyn.


School House

William I Jones, Head, Marr, 27, National schoolmaster, Caernarvon.

Margaret Jones, Wife, 23, Caernarvon.

Elizabeth Jones, Visitor, Widow, 50, Holyhead

Elizabeth Richards, Visitor Marr, 24, Seamstress. Llanberis.

William John Jones, Visitor, 6mths,  Caernarvon.


Tyn Llan

Rowland Jones, head, Marr, 55, farm Labourer, Penllech.

Gwen Jones, Wife, 52, Llaniestyn.


Tyn Llan

John Williams, Head, Marr, 34, Joiner, Llaniestyn.

Catherine Williams, Wife, 30, Aberdaron.

Ann Williams, Daughter, 7, Llaniestyn.

Thomas Williams, Daughter, 4, Llaniestyn.

John Williams, son, 1, Llaniestyn.


Street Llan

Hugh Jones, Head, Marr, 62, Labourer, Llaniestyn.

Catherine Jones, Wife, 65, Llaniestyn.

John Hughes, Grandson, 4, Llanllyfni.


Street Llan

Catherine Griffith, Head, Un, 24, Laundress, Llaniestyn..

Jane Griffith, Sister, Un, 11, Laundress, Llaniestyn.


Cau Fynon

Hugh Williams, Head, Marr, 34, Stonemason, Llaniestyn.

Elin Williams, Wife, Marr, 30, Llangian.

John Williams, Son, 9, Bangor,

Ann Williams, Daughter, 8, Llaniestyn.

Elizabeth Williams, Daughter, 6, Llaniestyn.

Richard Williams, Son, 4, Llaniestyn.

Elin Williams, Daughter, 3, Llaniestyn.


Tyn Rardd

William Roberts, Head, Marr, 34, Weaver, Llanor.

Catherine Roberts, Wife, 40, Llaniestyn.

William Roberts, Son,12, Llaniestyn.

Ann Roberts, Daughter, 10, Llaniestyn,

Margaret Roberts, Daughter, 6, Llaniestyn.

Richard Roberts, Son, 4, Llaniestyn.



John Prichard Head, Widower, 66, Gardener, Llaniestyn.

William Prichard, Son, Un, 24, Labourer, Llaniestyn.

Griffith Prichard, Son, Un, 22, Gardener, Llaniestyn.

Mary Jones, Servant, Un, 24, House Servant, Llandwrog.



Thomas Griffith, Head, Marr, 50, Farmer 30 acres, Bodfean.

Catherine Griffith, Wife, 56, Farmerís Wife, Llanbedrog.

Mary Griffith, Daughter, Un, 24, Denio.

Sarah Griffith, Daughter, Un 22, Abererch.

Griffith Griffith,  Son, 14, Llaniestyn.

Jane Griffith, Daughter, 12, Llaniestyn.

Miriam Griffith, Grand Daughter, 10mths, Llaniestyn.


Ty Capel

Mary Jones, Head, Widow, 50, Llaniestyn.

Ellen Jones, Daughter, 8,


Ty Capel

Griffith Parry, Head, Marr, 27, Boot maker and Grocer, Llaniestyn.

Jane Parry, Wife, 28, Llanengan.

Margaret Parry, Daughter, 5, Llaniestyn.

Mary Parry, Daughter, 3, Llaniestyn.

Robert Parry, Son, 1, Llaniestyn.


Tyddyn Rys

Robert Williams, Head, Marr, 55, Labourer, Llanengan.

Ann Williams, Wife, 58, Llanfihangel.

Mary Williams, Daughter, Un, 31, Llaniestyn.

Elizabeth Williams, Daughter, un, 14, Llaniestyn.


Tyn Rallt

William Roberts, Head, Marr, 70, Blacksmith, Llanengan.

Mary Roberts, Wife, Marr, 57, Llaniestyn.

Robert Roberts, Son, Un, 27, Blacksmith, Llaniestyn.


Tyn Cae

Rowland Jones, Head, Marr, 49, Farmer, 11 acres, Edern.

Catherine Jones, Wife, Marr, 33, Llaniestyn.

John Jones, Son, 12, Anglsea

Evan Jones, Son, 8m, Llaniestyn.



Hugh Evan, Head, Marr, 59, Farmer 100 acres Employing  2 labs, Llanor.

Janet Evans, Wife, 56, Farmerís wife, Llanbedrog.

John Evans, Son, Un, 30, farmerís son, Llaniestyn.

Catherine Evans, Daughter 15, Farmerís Daughter, Llaniestyn.

Richard Jones, Servant, Un, 15, Farm Servant, Bryncroes.

William Roberts, Servant, Marr, 28, Farm Servant, Llaniestyn


Cefn gaur bach

William Prichard, Head, Marr, 58, Stonemason and farmer of 10 acres, Meillteyrn.

Elizabeth Prichard, Wife, 55, Llangian.

John Prichard, Son, Un, 23, Stonemason, Llaniestyn.

Laura Prichard, Daughter, Un 20, Llaniestyn.

Hugh Prichard, Son, 9, Llaniestyn

Jane Jones, Visitor, Un, 22, Llaniestyn.


Caur Mur

Robert Hughes, Head Un, 32, Labourer, Llaniestyn.

Janet Hughes, Sister, Un, 29, Dressmaker, Llaniestyn.

Rosana Edward, Servant, Un, 16, House Servant, 16, Liverpool.

Mary Williams, Boarder, Un, 68, Bryncroes.



Robert Jones, Head, Marr, 54, Labourer, Edern.

Jane Jones, Wife, Marr, 61, Llaniestyn.

Margaret Jones, Daughter, Un, 26, Llaniestyn.


Cefn Gaur

Richard Jones, Head, Marr, 70, Farmer of 10 acres Employing 1 Lab, Llanbedrog.

Elizabeth Jones, Wife, 41, Bottwnog.

John Jones, Son, Un, 17, Llaniestyn.

Richard Jones, Son, Un, 17, Llaniestyn.

Griffith Jones, Son, 5, Llaniestyn

Elin Jones, Daughter 1, Llaniestyn

Elin Griffith, Servant, Un, 23, Bryncroes.

Robert Roberts, Servant, 14, farm Servant, Llaniestyn.


Tyn y Ffordd

William Williams, Head, Marr, 45, Mariner, Penllech

Ann Williams, Wife, 46, Llaniestyn.


Tyn Ffordd

Griffith Williams, Head, Marr, 76, Ag. Lab, Llaniestyn.

Mary Williams, Wife, 69, Llanbedrog.



Charles Williams, Head, Marr, 36, Ag. Lab, Llaniestyn.

Jane Williams, Wife, Marr, 35, Bryncroes.



Robert Roberts, Head, Widower, 40, Ag. Lab, Llanbedrog.



John Griffiths, Head, Marr, 34, Ag. Lab, Meillteyrn.

Ellen Griffiths, 22, Llangian.

Robert Griffiths, Son 7mths, Llangian.


Bryn Tirion

William Jones, Head, Marr, 50,Ag. Lab, Nevin.

Catherine Jones, Wife, Llaniestyn.

Catherine Jones, Daughter, 7, Llaniestyn

John Jones, Son, 5, Llaniestyn

Richard Jones, Son, 1, Llaniestyn.

Richard Roberts, Lodger, Widower, 69, Ag. Lab, Llandwrog.



Elizabeth Jones, Wife, 49, Llanbedrog

Richard  Jones, Son, 12, Scholar, Llaniestyn.

Catherine Jones, Daughter, 8, Scholar, Llaniestyn

Catherine Jones, Visitor, Un, 27, House Servant, Bodfean.


Bryn Tirion

Thomas Jones, Head, Marr, 38, Ag. Lab, Llaniestyn.

Jane Jones, Wife, 47, Llanengan.

Ann Jones, Daughter, 12, Llaniestyn.

Evan Jones, Son, 10, Llaniestyn.

John Jones, Son, 7, Llaniestyn.

Catherine Jones, 5, Llaniestyn

William Jones, Son, 3, Llaniestyn.


Cil Llidiard

Ann Roberts, Wife, 30, Marinerís Wife, Llaniestyn.

Ellen Roberts, Daughter, 5, Denio.

John Roberts, Son, 3, Abererch.

Robert Roberts, Son, 5mths, Llaniestyn.

Sydney Jones, Lodger, Un, 72, Llaniestyn.



John Hughes, Head, Marr, 63, Wool and Cotton Weaver, Llaniestyn.

Ann Hughes, Wife, 59, Bryncroes.

John Hughes, Son, Un, 21, Llaniestyn.

Robert Jones, 9, Llaniestyn.


Tyn Llidiart

Elizabeth Jones, head, Widow, 63 farmer of 15 acres, Employing 1 lab, Bottwnog.

William Jones, Son, Un 28, Mariner, Llaniestyn.

Elizabeth Jones, daughter, Un 19, Llaniestyn.


Cil Llidiard

Hugh Hughes, Head, Marr, 51, Farmer of 15 acres, Llanbedrog.

Ellen Hughes, Wife, 34, Meirionethshire.

Ann Hughes, Daughter, 9, Abererch.

Elizabeth Hughes, Daughter, 7, Llaniestyn.

Catherine Hughes, Daughter, 5, Llaniestyn.

Robert Hughes, Son, 9mths, Llaniestyn.


Hen Efail

Robert Williams, Head, Marr, 37, Ag. Lab, Aberdaron.

Jane Williams, Wife, 37, Llaniestyn.

Thomas Williams, Son, 9, Scholar, Llaniestyn

Elizabeth Williams, Daughter, 7, Llaniestyn

Robert Williams, Son, 3, Llaniestyn.

Elizabeth Griffiths , Lodger, Un, 71, Aberdaron.


Ty Newydd

Laura Jones, Head, Widow, 55, Llanbedrog.

Catherine Jones, Daughter 18, Dressmaker, Bryncroes.


Hen Ysgoldy

Catherine Williams, Head, Widow, 79, Llanfihangel



Jane Jones, Head, Widow, 89, Interest of money, Bryncroes.

Elizabeth Williams, Serv, Un, 22, House servant, Llaniestyn.


Bryn Mawr Chapel

Calvinistic Methodist Chapel.


Windmill House

Griffith Williams, Head, Marr 42, Miller, Llaniestyn

Mary Williams, Wife, 46, Clynnog

Mary Williams, Daughter, Un, 20, Llanllyfni

Catherine Williams, Daughter, 12, Penmorfa.

Ann Williams, Daughter 10, Penmorfa.

Griffith Williams, Son, 8, Penmorfa

Humphrey Williams, Son, 3, Penmorfa.

William Owen, Serv, 15, Assistant Miller, Llanbedrog.

Mary Roberts, Mother in law,  Widow, 86, Llanllyfni.


Ty Newydd

Ann Jones, Wife, 38, Ag. Labís wife, Llanllyfni

Ann Jones, Daughter, 8, Llanllyfni

William Jones, Son, 5, Llaniestyn

Tychicus ? Jones, Son, 3, Llaniestyn.

Jane Jones, Daughter, 3mths, Llaniestyn.



Owen Williams, Head, Marr, 50, Farmer of 45 acres, Employing, 1 lab, Ceidio

Margaret Williams, Wife, Penllech.

Hugh Williams, son, 9, Scholar, Llaniestyn.

Hannah Williams, Daughter, 8, Scholar, Llaniestyn.

Jane Williams, Daughter, 6, Scholar, Llaniestyn.

Moses Roberts, Serv,  Un,18, carter, Tydweiliog

Jane Jones, Serv, Un, House servant, Meillteyrn.


Nant yr Enllyn

Evan Williams, Head, Marr, 49, Farmer of 47 acres Employing 1 lab, Llaniestyn

Dorothy Williams, Wife, 38, Meillteyrn.

Ellen Williams, Serv, Un, 31, House Servant, Tydweiliog

Ann Evans, Visitor, 9, Abererch.

Mary Jones, Visitor, 11, Llaniestyn.



Griffith Roberts, Head, Marr, 47 farmer of 45 acres, Employing 1 lab, Llaniestyn.

Ellen  Roberts, Wife, 50, Penllech.

Elizabeth Roberts, Daughter, un, Scholar, Penllech.

Hugh Roberts, Son, 11, Llaniestyn

William Jones, Servant, 16, Carter, Llaniestyn

Jonnet Roberts, Lodger, 50, Interest of money, Llaniestyn.


Caeír Dydd

Robert Williams, Head, Marr, 49, Ag. Lab, Llaniestyn

Catherine Williams, Wife, 52, Llaniestyn

Jane Williams,  Daughter, Un, 19, Dressmaker, Nevin

Jonnet Williams, Daughter, Un, 17, Dressmaker, Nevin.



Robert Williams, Head, Marr, 52, Farmer of 26 acres, employing 1 Lab, Penllech.

Ellen Williams, Wife, 35, Aberdaron

Robert Williams, Son, 7, Aberdaron.

Robert Williams, Serv, Un, 20, Carter, Llannor.



Jane Williams, Head, Widow, 82, Llannor,

Mary Williams, Daughter, Un, 42, Tydweiliog



Robert Parry, Head, Marr, 30, Ag. Lab, Tydweiliog

Laura Parry, Wife, 42, Bryncroes



Hugh Hughes, Head, Marr, 48,  Ag. Lab, Llaniestyn

Magdalen Hughes, Wife, 50, Ceidio

Richard Hughes, Son, 12, Scholar, Llaniestyn.

Robert Hughes, Son, 9, Scholar, Llaniestyn



John Owen , Head, Marr, 46, Joiner, Llaniestyn

Margaret Owen, Wife, 57, Llanarmon.

Ellen Owen, Daughter, Un, 17, Llaniestyn.

Elizabeth Owen, Daughter, Un, 15, Llaniestyn

Jane Owen, Daughter 13, Llaniestyn

Ann Owen Daughter, 11, Llaniestyn


Taiír Dwr

Margaret Williams, head, Widow, Farmer of 33 acres Employing 1 lab, Bottwnog.

Jane Williams, Daughter, 12, Llaniestyn

Griffith Williams, Son, 10, Llaniestyn

John Williams, Son, 6, Llaniestyn

Thomas Williams, Son, 4, Llaniestyn

Thomas Jones, Father in law, Widower 76, Bottwnog

Jane Williams, Visitor, Un, 29, House Servant, Tydweiliog.


Gate Wen

David Roberts,  Head, Marr, 39, Joiner, Llangwnadl

Jane Roberts, Wife, 39, Llaniestyn

Elizabeth Roberts, 13, Scholar, Llaniestyn

Eleanor Thomas, Mother in law, Widow, 80, Meillteyrn



Eleazer Williams, Head, Marr, 34, Incumbent, Cardiganshire

Margaret Emma Williams, Wife, 31, Liverpool

Mary Ann Spinks, Serv, Un, 16, House Servant, Tourbridge, Worcestshire

Mary Owen, Serv, Un, 20, House Servant, Llaniestyn


Shop Isa

Jane Roberts, Head, Widow, 65, Laundress, Tydweiliog

Jane Roberts, Head, Daughter, Un, 25, Laundress, Llaniestyn



Richard Williams, Head, Marr, 47, Farmer of 369 acres, Employing 7 labs, Edern

Ellen Williams, Wife 48, Bryncroes.

Sarah Williams, Daughter, Un 20, Llaniestyn

Mary Williams, Daughter, Un, 18, Llaniestyn

Ellen Owen, Visitor, 14, Llanfairtalhaiarn, Denbighshire

Charles Hughes, Serv, Un 22, Carter, Bryncroes

David Jones, Serv, Un, 18, Carter, Bottwnog

John Roberts, Serv, Un, 15, Cowman, Edern

Edward Hughes, Serv, Un, 15, Cowman, Tydweiliog

Richard Roberts, Serv, 11, Cowman, Tydweiliog

Jane Jones, Serv, Un, 26, House Servant, Llangwnadl.



Hugh Hughes, Head, Marr, 75, Farmer of 41 acres, 1 Lab, Meilltyrn.

Jane Hughes, Wife, 73, Llanfaelrhys.

Humphrey Hughes, Marr, 36, Ag Lab, Llaniestyn.

Catherine Hughes, Daughter, Un, 30 Llaniestyn.

John Jones, Visitor, Un, 11, Llaniestyn.



Morris Griffiths, Head, Widower, 65, Farmer of 275 acres, employing 6 Lab, Llanbeblig.

William Griffiths, Son, Un, 25, Llanberis.

Foulk Griffiths, Son, Marr 36, Llanberis.

Jane Griffiths, Wife, Marr, 32, Llanberis.

Ann Griffiths, Daughter, Un, 1, Scholar, Llanberis.

William Griffiths, Son, Un, 11, Scholar, Llanberis.

Jane Griffiths, Daughter, 9, Scholar, Llanberis.

Morris Griffiths, Son, 7, Llaniestyn.

Ellen Griffiths, Daughter, 4, Llaniestyn.

Catherine Griffiths, Daughter, 2, Llaniestyn.

Ann Evans, Serv, Un, 25, House Servant, Aberdaron.

Joshia Thomas, Serv, Un, 19, Carter, Bottwnog.

Richard Jones, Serv, Un, 22, Carter, Llaniestyn.

Humphrey Jones, Serv, 16, Cowman, Llaniestyn.

William Hughes, Serv, Un, 13, Ag Lab, Llanfihangel.


Penfoel Bach,

William Hughes, Head, Mar, 39, Ag Lab, Llaniestyn.

Ann Hughes, Wife, 42, Penllech.

Ellis Hughes, Son, Un, 12, Scholar. Tydweiliog.

Mary Hughes, Daughter, 9, Scholar, Llaniestyn.

William Hughes, Son, 6, Llaniestyn.

Ann Hughes, Daughter, 2, Llaniestyn.



Robert Williams, Head, Marr, 59, Farmer of 16 acres, Llaniestyn.

Jane Williams, Wife, 53, Llaniestyn.

John Williams, Son, Un, 15, Scholar, Llaniestyn.

Thomas, Williams, Son, Un, 11, Scholar, Llaniestyn.


Tyddyn Gwyn. W.

Robert Williams, Head, Marr, 57, Farmer of 9 acres, Penllech.

Catherine Williams, Wife, 56, Tydweiliog.

Anne Williams, Daughter, Un, 15, Scholar, Llaniestyn.

Elizabeth Williams, Daughter, Un, 12, Llaniestyn.



John Williams, Head, Marr 36, Ag Lab, Tydweiliog.

Ellen Williams, Wife, 35, Llangwnadl.

Jane Williams, Daughter, Un, 11, Llaniestyn.

William Williams, Son, 5, Llaniestyn.

Richard Williams, Son, 3, Llaniestyn.

Laura Williams, Daughter, 1, Llaniestyn.


Tyddyn Du,

Evan Hughes, Head, Marr, 40, Farmer of 15, acres & Calvinistic Methodist Minister, Llaniestyn.

Ellen Hughes, Wife, 32, Llangybi.

Hannah Hughes, Daughter, 5, Llaniestyn.

Laura Hughes, Daughter, 3, Llaniestyn.

Margaret Hughes, Daughter, 1, Llaniestyn.

Mary Hughes, Daughter, 5 days, Llaniestyn.

Laura Williams, Serv, Un, 18, Llanrug.

Mary Rowland, Visitor, Un, 20, Meilltyrn.


Croesffordd Dinas,

John Jones, Head, Marr, 45, Ag Lab, Llaniestyn.

Dorothy Jones, Wife, 34, Penllech.

John Jones, Son, 3, Penllech.

Evan Jones, Son, 1, Penllech.


Ty Canol Groesffor,

Thomas Hughes, Head, Marr, 39, Ag Lab, Llaniestyn.

Ellen Hughes, Wife, 35, Aberdaron.

Hugh Hughes, Son, Un, 11, Scholar, Llaniestyn.

Griffith Hughes, Son, 9, Scholar, Llaniestyn.

Jane Hughes, Daughter, 6, Llaniestyn.

Jannet Hughes, Daughter, 3, Llaniestyn.

Lidia Hughes, 4 months, Llaniestyn.


Ffridd Wen, Unoccupied.



John Evans, Head, Marr, 49, Farmer of 319 acres, Employing 6 Lab, Llannor.

Mary Evans, Wife, 51, Edern.

William Evans, Son, 24, Seaman Merchant Service, Llanbedrog.

Elizabeth Evans, Daughter, Un, 20, Clynog.

Sydney Evans, Daughter, Un, 17, Clynog.

Griffith Evans, Son, Un, 15, Clynog.

Sydney Evans, Serv, Un, 14, Servant, Bodfean.

Griffith Davis, Serv, Un, 15, Carter, Llaniestyn.

David Owen, Serv, 12, Carter, Llaniestyn.


Waen Helig,

Samuel Roberts, Head, Marr, 65, Ag Lab, Nevin.

Rosana Roberts, Wife, 67, Llangeinwen, Anglesea.


Dinas Chapel,

Calvinistic Methodist Chapel.



Hugh Williams, Head, Marr, 50, Farmer of 25 acres, Llanfihangel.

Catherine Williams, Wife, 44, Llandudwen.

John Williams, Son, Un, 15, Llandudwen.

Ann Williams, Daughter, 11, Llanfihangel.

William Williams,, Son, 9, Llanfihangel.

Hugh Williams, Son, 3, Penrhos.


Shop Dinas,

John M Jones, Head, Marr 40, Grocer & Local Calvinistic Methodist Preacher, Llangybi.

Jane Jones, Wife, 52, Tydweiliog.

Thomas Jones, Serv, Un, 15, Ag Lab, Llaniestyn.

Catherine Williams, Serv, Un, 18, House Servant, Penllech.



William Danial, Head, Widower, 73, Independent Preacher and Farmer of 9 acres, Llanarmon.

Eleanor Jones, Serv, U, 18, House Servant, Llaniestyn.



John Williams, Head, Marr, 25, Wool Manufacturer, Denio.

Mary Williams, Wife, 20, Llaniestyn.

William Williams, Son, 3 months, Llaniestyn.



John Williams, Head, Marr, 74, Slater and Plasterer, Meyllteyrn.

Elizabeth Williams, Wife, 70, Llangian.

Catherine Edwards, Serv, Un, 14, House Servant, Liverpool.



Owen Lloyd, Head, Un, 26, Farmer of 70 acres, Llaniestyn.

Hugh Lloyd, Brother, Un, 24, Llaniestyn.

Anne Lloyd, Sister, Un, 35, Llaniestyn.

Mary Lloyd, Sister, Un, 27, Llaniestyn.



Robert Thomas, Head, Marr, 72, Farmer 43 acres, Bryncroes.

Mary Thomas, Wife, 72, Meyllteyrn.

Sidney Jones, Serv, Un, 17, House Servant, Llaniestyn.



Robert Williams, Head, Marr, 37, Ag Lab, Penllech.

Eleanor Williams, Wife, 40, Llaniestyn.

Richard Williams, Son, Un, 15, Scholar, Llaniestyn.



Catherine Williams, Head, Widow, 60, Farmer 80 acres, Abererch.

Mary Griffith, Serv, Un, 17, House Servant, Llaniestyn.



Evan Jones, Head, Un, 45, Farmer 40 acres, Llaniestyn.

Lydia Jones, Sister, Un, 43, Llaniestyn.

Thomas Hughes, Serv, Widower, 60, Ag Lab, Bottwnog.

Ann Roberts, Serv, Un, 20, Bottwnog.


Tyddyn Hen,

Robert Griffith, Head, Un, 63, Farmer 60 acres, Meyllteyrn.

John Griffith, Brother, Un, 60, Meyllteyrn.


Tyddyn Hen,

William Williams, Head, Marr, 65, Ag Lab, Llanengan.

Ann Williams, Wife, 48, Meyllteyrn.

Mary Williams, Daughter, Un, 27, House Servant, Llaniestyn.

Janet Williams, Daughter, Un, 24, House Servant, Llaniestyn.



William Owen, Head, Marr, 60, Farmer 8 acres, Llaniestyn.

Dorothy Owen, Wife, 37, Llangian.

Owen William Jones, Son, 6, Llaniestyn.

William Owen Jones, Son, 5, Llaniestyn.

John Owen Jones, Son, 3, Llaniestyn.


Talcen Eiddew,

Henry Thomas, Head, Widower, 61, Farmer 16 acres, Clynnog.

Margaret Thomas, Daughter, Un, 29, House Servant, Llaniestyn.


Cefnnen Bach,

William Griffith, Head, Marr, 33, Farmer 15 acres, Llaniestyn.

Mary Griffith, Wife, 34, Llangian.

Eleanor Griffith, Mother-in-Law, Widow, 78, Bryncroes.

Thomas Prichard, Serv, Un, 15, Ag Lab, Llaniestyn.


Bryn Mawr,

John Jones, Head, Marr, 42, Farmer 40 acres, Llaniestyn.

Sarah Jones, Wife, 38, Meyllteyrn.

Mary Jones, Daughter, 10, Llaniestyn.

Anne Jones, Daughter, 7, Llaniestyn.

Sarah Jones, Daughter, 3, Llaniestyn.

John Jones, Serv, Un, 18, Ag Lab, Llaniestyn.

Catherine Jones, Serv, Un, 18, House Servant, Llannor.



Thomas Morris, Head, Marr, 49, Farmer 14 acres, Bryncroes.

Elizabeth Morris, Wife, 42, Bryncroes.

Mary Thomas, Daughter, Un, 15, House Servant, Llaniestyn.

Thomas Morris, Son, 8, Llaniestyn.

Catherine Thomas, Daughter, 11, Llaniestyn.

Jane Thomas, Daughter, 6, Llaniestyn.

Owen Thomas Morris, Son, 4, Llaniestyn.

John Thomas Morris, Son, 2, Llaniestyn.



John Thomas, Head, Widower, 54, Farmer 57 acres, Llaniestyn.

Gwladus Williams, Serv, Un, 25, House Servant, Llaniestyn.


Myfyr Bach,

Thomas Jones, Head, Marr, 44, Farmer 45 acres, Llaniestyn.

Eleanor Jones, Wife, 44, Llaniestyn.

Robert Williams, Serv, Un 14, Ag Lab, Llaniestyn.

Rowland Williams, Serv, Un, 9, Ag Lab, Llaniestyn.



Thomas Owen, Head, Widow, 60, House Carpenter, Llannor.

Eleanor Owen, Daughter, Un, 27, House Servant, Llandegwning.

Catherine Owen, Daughter, Un, 20, Llaniestyn.

Thomas Owen, Son, Un, 18, House Carpenter, Llaniestyn.

Eleanor Owen, Granddaughter, 8 months, Llaniestyn.



Eleanor Jones, Head, Widow, 68, Llandegwning.

Eleanor Griffith, Daughter, Marr, 23, Groomís Wife, Llaniestyn.

Evan Jones, Grandson, 9 weeks, Llaniestyn.



William Williams, Head, Widower, 72, Ag Lab, Meyllteyrn.

Lowry Jones, Serv, Un, 13, House Servant, Llaniestyn.



Hugh Williams, Head, Marr, 37, Ag Lab, Llaniestyn.

Jane Williams, Wife, 33, Bryncroes.

Mary Williams, Daughter, 7, Llaniestyn.

Jane Williams, Daughter, 5, Llaniestyn.

Robert Williams, Son, 4, Llaniestyn.

Humphrey Williams, Son, 2, Llaniestyn.

Elizabeth Williams, Daughter, 5 months, Llaniestyn.


Gansallt Bach,

John Jones, Head, Widower, 76, Ag Lab, Llaniestyn.

Margaret Jones, Daughter, Widow, 50, House Servant, Denio.



Jane Williams, Head, Marr, 42, Ag Labís Wife, Llaniestyn.

Jane Williams, Serv, 11, House Servant, Llaniestyn.


Llain Hir,

William Lloyd, Head, Marr, 31, Ag Lab, Llaniestyn.

Jane Lloyd, Wife, 30, Nevin.

Mary Elen Lloyd, Daughter, 3, Llaniestyn.

Jane Anne Lloyd, Daughter, 11 weeks, Llaniestyn.



Robert Parry, Head, Marr, 71, Ag Lab, Clynnog.

Mary Parry, Wife, 64, Llanengan.



William Thomas, Head, Marr, 58, Ag Lab, Llaniestyn.

Anne Thomas, Wife, 51, Bodvean.

Jane Thomas, Daughter, Un, 15, House Servant, Llaniestyn.


Penybryn Rhosddu,

Evan Williams, Head, Marr, 46, Farmer 10 acres, Llaniestyn.

Mary Williams, Wife, 45, Llanengan.

William Williams, Son, Un, 14, Scholar, Llaniestyn.

Margaret Williams, Daughter, 11, Scholar, Llaniestyn.

Evan Williams, Son, 9, Scholar, Llaniestyn.

John Thomas, Father-in-Law, Widower, 75, Ag Lab, Edeyrn.


Tan y Ffynon,

Margaret Parry, Head, Widow, 70, Farmer 55 acres, Llaniestyn.

William Parry, Son, Marr, 30, Sadler, Llaniestyn.

Anne Parry, Daughter-in-Law, 28, Ceidio.

Philip Henry Parry, Grandson, 3, Llaniestyn.

Margaret Parry, Granddaughter, 11 months, Llaniestyn.

John Roberts, Serv, Marr, 39, Ag Lab, Edeyrn.

Jane Roberts, Serv, Un, 16, House Servant, Bryncroes.


High Gate,

Robert Williams, Head, Marr, 75, Grocer & Flour Dealer, Denio.

Margaret Williams, Wife, 68, Edeyrn.

Grace Williams, Daughter, Un, 19, House Servant, Llaniestyn.

John Jones, Grandson, 3, Llaniestyn.


Tyn y Waen,

Roger Prichard, Head, Marr, 33, Ag Lab, Ceidio.

Catherine Prichard, Wife, 37, Bryncroes.

Anne Roger, Daughter, 8, Llaniestyn.

Jane Roger, Daughter, 5, Llaniestyn.

John Richard, Son, 1, Llaniestyn.



Thomas Williams, Head, Marr, 44, Ag Lab, Aberdaron.

Jane Williams, Wife, 50, Aberdaron.

Lowry Williams, Daughter, 9, Scholar, Llaniestyn.

William Thomas, Father-in-Law, Widower, 79, Pauper, Llanengan.



Evan Owen, Head, Marr, 60, Ag Lab, Clynnog.

Jane Owen, Wife, 53, Llaniestyn.



Lydia Thomas, Head, Un, 66, Pauper Llandudwen.



Edward Jones, Head, Marr, 49, Farmer 46 acres, Llandudwen.

Anne Jones, Wife,  52, Llanarmon.

Margaret Jones, Daughter, Un, 18, House Servant, Llaniestyn.

Eleanor Jones, Daughter, Un, 17, House Servant, Llaniestyn.

Jane Jones, Daughter, Un, 15, Scholar, Llaniestyn.

Anne Jones, Daughter, 12, Scholar, Llaniestyn.

William Jones, Serv, Un, 15, Ag Lab, Llaniestyn.



Eleanor Roberts, Head, Widow, 50, Farmer 14 acres, Llaniestyn.

John Roberts, Son, Un, 29, Ag Lab, Llaniestyn.

Griffith Roberts, Son, Un, 13, Ag Lab, Llaniestyn.


Garreg Lwyd,

Charles Williams, Head, Marr, 78, Farmer 60 acres, Bottwnog.

Jane Williams, Wife, 67, Llaniestyn.

William Williams, Son, Un, 38, Shoemaker, Llaniestyn.

Owen Williams, Son, Un, 27, Ag Lab, Llaniestyn.

Catherine Williams, Daughter, Un, 32, House Servant, Llaniestyn.

Elizabeth Owen, Sister-in-Law, Widow, 70, Pauper, Bryncroes.

Edward Price Prichard, Serv, Un, 15, Ag Lab, Liverpool.



Moses Jones, Head, Widower, 66, Calvinist Minister and Farmer of 60 acres, Garn Dolbenmaen.

Margaret Jones, Daughter, Un, 43, House Servant, Llanystumdwy.

Michael Jones, Son, Un, 34, Ag Lab, Llangybi.

Moses Parry Grandson, Un, 15, Scholar, Llangybi.

Thomas Hughes, Serv, Un, 23, Ag Lab, Llaniestyn.


Nant Bach

Janet Hughes, Head, Widow, 53, Farmer of 40 acres, Aberdaron.

John Hughes, Son, Un, 26, Ag Lab, Llaniestyn.

Griffith Hughes, Son, Un, 15, Ag Lab, Llaniestyn.

Margaret Roberts, Serv, Un, 14, House Servant, Bottwnog.



Evan Owen, Head, Marr, 51, Farmer 12 acres, Llanbedrog.

Anne Owen, Wife, 50, Llaniestyn.

Griffith Owen, Son, Un, 17, Ag Lab, Llaniestyn.

Owen Evan, Son, Un, 10, Scholar. Llaniestyn.



Griffith Jones, Head, Marr, 32, Farmer of 40 acres, Llaniestyn.

Elizabeth Jones, Wife, 35, Llaniestyn.

Robert Jones, Son, 5, Scholar, Llaniestyn.

John Jones, Son, 3, Llaniestyn.

Griffith Jones, Son, 1, Llaniestyn.

Margaret Williams, Serv, Un, 19, House Servant, Denio.

John Owen, Serv, Un, 15, Ag Lab, Llaniestyn.

Richard Rowlands, Lodger, Un, 36, Independent Minister, Aberystwyth.


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