Llanfaelrhys Census 1861


House,    Person Name,    Relation,    Condition,    Age,    Occupation,    Where Born.



Thomas Griffith, Head, Marr, 45, Farmer of 30 acres 2 labs, Relieving officer & Registrar of births and deaths, Aberdaron.

Frances Griffith, Wife, 42, Farmer Wife, Llanfaelrhys.

David Griffith, Son, Un, 19, Farmers Son, Llanfaelrhys.

Thomas Griffith, Son, 9, Farmers Son, Scholar, Llanfaelrhys.

Ellen Griffith, Daughter, 7, Scholar, Llanfaelrhys.

Catherine Ellis, Serv, Un, 20, General Servant, Rhiw.

Rowland Jones, Serv, Un, 17, Farm Servant, Llanfaelrhys.


Llawenan Isaf,

David Jones, Head, Marr, 62, Farmer 30 acres, Employing 2 Labr, Llanfaelrhys.

Elizabeth Jones, Wife, 56, Farmers Wife, Rhiw.

Catherine Jones, Daughter, Un, 30, Llanfaelrhys.

Anne Jones, Daughter, Un, 26, Llanfaelrhys.

Evan Jones, Son, Un, 21, Llanfaelrhys.

Richard Jones, Son, Un, 19, Llanfaelrhys.

David Jones Son, Un, 17, Llanfaelrhys

Griffith Jones, Son, 10, Llanfaelrhys.

Elizabeth Jones, Granddaughter, 10, Liverpool.

John Jones, Grandson, 9, Llanfaelrhys.



William Thomas, Head, Widower, 65, Farmer and Joiner of 12 acres, Llanfaelrhys.

Margaret Thomas, Daughter, Un, 21, Farmer, Llanfaelrhys.

Elizabeth Thomas, Daughter, Un, 17, Dress Maker, Llanfaelrhys.

William Thomas, Son, Un, 15, Joiner, Llanfaelrhys.

Ellen Thomas, Daughter, 14, Llanfaelrhys.

David Thomas, Son, 13, Llanfaelrhys.



Laura Evans, Head, Widow, 87, Farmer of 103 acres, Employing 3 Labr, Llangwnadl.

John Evans, Son, Un, 56, Farmers Son, Llanfaelrhys.

Elizabeth Williams, Serv, Un, 15, General Servant, Rhiw.

William Griffith, Serv, Un, 22, Farm Servant, Aberdaron.

John Jones, Serv, Un, 16, Farm Servant, Bryncroes.



Catherine Jones, Head, 56, Widow, Farmer of 10 acres, Llanbedrog.

Hugh Jones, Son, Un, 20, Local Meth, Wesl, Preacher, Rhiw.

Catherine Jones, Daughter, 14, Llanfaelrhys.

Hannah Griffiths, Serv, Un, 28, House Servant, Aberdaron.



Evan Jones, Head, Marr, 29, Farmer of 28 acres, Employing 1 Labr, Llaniestyn.

Anne Jones, Wife, 23, Farmers Wife, Llanengan.

Richard Jones, Serv, Un, 21, Farm Servant, Aberdaron.



Humphrey Jones, Head, Un, 52, Farmer of 8 acres, Llanfaelrhys.

Evan Jones, Brother, Un, 38, Manganese Miner, Llanfaelrhys.

Margaret Jones, Sister, Un, 55, Llanfaelrhys.

Ellen Jones, Aunt, Un, 78, Llanfaelrhys.

Humphrey Jones, Nephew, 10, Llanfaelrhys.


Tynlon Fawr,

Elizabeth Parry, Head, Widow, 46, Farmer and Manganese Proprietor, Llanfaelrhys.

Ellen Parry, Daughter, Un, 20, Llanfaelrhys.

William Parry, Son, Un, 17, Llanfaelrhys.

Thomas Parry, Son, 12, Llanfaelrhys.

Griffith Parry, Son, 11, Llanfaelrhys.

David Parry, Son, 6, Llanfaelrhys.

Humphrey Parry, Son, 4, Llanfaelrhys.


Tynlon Bach,

Richard Griffith, Head, Marr, 49, Farmer of 10 acres, Rhiw.

Jane Griffith, Wife, Marr, 41, Farmers Wife, Rhiw.

Jane Griffith, Daughter, 11, Rhiw.

Rachel Griffith, Daughter, 8, Llanfaelrhys.

Griffith Griffith, Son, 6, Llanfaelrhys.

Hugh Griffith, Son,2, Llanfaelrhys.



Evan Griffith, Head, Marr, 45, Carrier from Pen y Caerau to Pwllheli, Llanfaelrhys.

Ellen Griffith, Wife, Marr, 33, Aberdaron.

William Griffith, Son, 4, Llanfaelrhys.

Edward Griffith, Son, 2, Llanfaelrhys.

Griffith Griffith, Son, 2 months, Llanfaelrhys.

Jane Jones, Daughter in Law, 5, Pwllheli.


Tyn y Fron,

Dorothy Jones, Head, Widow, 85, Farmer of 18 acres, Employing 1 Labr, Llanfaelrhys.

Griffith Jones, Son, Widower, 50, Llanfaelrhys.

Ellen Jones, Granddaughter, Un, 21, Rhiw.


Ty Ysgoldy,

Ellen Roberts, Head, Un, 75, Llanfaelrhys.


Moelír Wyn,

Evan Prichard, Head, Marr, 68, Tailor (master employing 2 men) Bryncroes.

Margaret Prichard, Wife, Marr, 69, Bryncroes.

Ellen Jones, Granddaughter, 9, Rhiw.

Thomas Roberts, Serv, Un, 20, Tailor, Manchester.

David Jones, Serv, Un, 16, Tailor, Rhiw.


Foel Bach,

Elizabeth Griffith, Head, Widow, 70, Seamanís (Widow) Rhiw.

Robert Griffith, Grand Son, 5, Rhiw.


Tan y Foel,

Rowland Evans, Head, Marr, 38, Ag Lab, Aberdaron.

Elizabeth Evans, Wife, Marr, 38, Rhiw.



Jane Griffith, Head, Widow, 66, Ag Lab Widow, Llandegwning.

Jane Griffith, Daughter, Un, 35, Egg and Butter Merchant, Llanfaelrhys.

Jane Griffith, Granddaughter, 12, Llanfaelrhys.

Henry Griffith, Grandson, 8, Llanfaelrhys.


Pen Mynydd,

Thomas Rowlands, Head, Marr, 41, Farm Servant, Aberdaron.

Catharine Rowlands, Wife, 47, Llanfaelrhys.

John T Rowlands, Son, Un, 20, Woolen Weaver, Llanfaelrhys.

Martha Rowlands, Daughter, 12, Llanfaelrhys.

Evan Rowlands, Son, 9 months, Llanfaelrhys.

Jane Williams, Borderer, 10, Llanfaelrhys.



John Jones, Head, Marr, 35, Tailor, Tremadoc.

Mary Jones, Wife, 34, Aberdaron.

Humphrey Jones, Son, 7, Aberdaron.



John Roberts, Head, Marr, 37, Farmer of 30 acres, Employing 1 Labr, Llanfaelrhys.

Ellen Roberts, Wife, 39, Rhiw.

Jane Roberts, Daughter, 13, Rhiw.

Gaynor Roberts, Daughter, 11, Rhiw.

Hugh Roberts, Son, 8, Llanfaelrhys.

Robert Roberts, Son, 7, Llanfaelrhys.

William Roberts, Son, 4, Llanfaelrhys.

John Roberts, Son, 2, Llanfaelrhys.

James Roberts, Son, 5 months, Llanfaelrhys.

Laura Griffith, Serv, Un, 38, House Servant, Llanfaelrhys.


Tyddyn Castell,

William Williams, Head, Marr, 61, Farmer of 9 acres, Aberdaron.

Mary Williams, Wife, 75, Aberdaron.

Anne Jones, Serv, Un, 31, Aberdaron.


Ty Croes,

Mary Hughes, Head, Widow, 71, Farmer with 35 acres, Employing 2 Labr, Bryncroes.

Thomas Hughes, Son, Un, 33, Farmers son, Llanfaelrhys.

Mary Hughes, Daughter, Un, 28, Farmers Daughter, Llanfaelrhys.

Lydia Hughes, Daughter, Un, 24, Farmers Daughter, Llanfaelrhys.

Martha Hughes, G Daughter, Un, 16, Llanfaelrhys.



Owen Hughes, Head, Un, 47, Farmer of 8 acres, Carrier, Llanfaelrhys.

Catherine Hughes, Niece, Un, 25, Llanfaelrhys.


Carreglefn Bach,

William Williams, Head, Marr, 44, Farm Servant, Llanfaelrhys.

Elizabeth Williams, Wife, 42, Llanengan.

Margaret Williams, Daughter, 16, Aberdaron.

William Williams, Son, 13, Llaniestyn.

Evan Williams, Son, 12, Llaniestyn.

Griffith Williams, Son, 7, Llanfaelrhys.

Ellen Catherine Williams, Daughter, 2, Llanfaelrhys.



Hugh Davies, Head, Marr, 43, Farm Servant, Llanfaelrhys.

Catherine Davies, Wife, 45, Bryncroes.

Margaret Davies, Daughter, Un, 18, Llanfaelrhys.

Elizabeth Davies, Daughter, Un, 15, Llanfaelrhys.

Catherine Davies, Daughter, 5, Llanfaelrhys.

Anne Jones, Lodger, Un, 17, Llanfaelrhys.



Robert Morgan, Head, Marr, 65, Ag Lab, Llanfaelrhys.

Anne Morgan, Wife, 71, Llangybi.

Anne Morgan, Daughter, Un, 42, Rhiw.



Robert Evans, Head, Marr, 61, Farmer with 200 acres, Employing 4 Labr, Llanfaelrhys.

Sarah Evans, Wife, 41, Farmers Wife, Aberdaron.

Griffith Evans, Son, Un, 16, Llanfaelrhys.

Thomas Evans, Son, 11, Scholar, Llanfaelrhys.

Jane Anne, Daughter, 9, Scholar, Llanfaelrhys.

Anne Davies, Serv, Un, 21, House Servant, Rhiw.

John Jones, Serv, Un, 33, Farm Servant, Llanfaelrhys.

John Prichard, Serv, Un, 15, Farm Servant, Rhiw.


Bodwyddog Bach,

William Parry, Head, Marr, 82, Farmer of 39 acres, Employing 2 Labr, Llanfaelrhys.

Jane Parry, Wife, 58, Llanfaelrhys.

Elizabeth Parry, Daughter, Un, 35, Llanfaelrhys.

Thomas Parry, Son, Un, 28, Llanfaelrhys.

Henry Parry, Son, Un, 27, Llanfaelrhys.

Jane Parry, G Daughter, Un, 18, Llanfaelrhys.

Elizabeth Parry, G Daughter, 4, Llanystymdwy.


Meillionydd Bach,

Owen Griffiths, Head, Marr, 58, Farmer with 106 acres, Employing 4 Labr, Llanfaelrhys.

Anne Griffiths, Wife, 49, Llanfaelrhys.

William Griffiths, Son, Un, 29, Llanfaelrhys.

Griffith O Griffiths, Son, Un, 24, Llanfaelrhys.

Mary Griffiths, Daughter, 8, Llanfaelrhys.

Laura Robert, Serv, Un, 24, House Servant, Rhiw.

Catherine Williams, Lodger, Widow, 42, Aberdaron.

John Jones, Serv, Marr, 42, Farm Servant, Aberdaron.

John Jones, Serv, Un, 17, Farm Servant, Rhiw.



Griffith Owen, Head, Un, 41, Farmer of 350 acres, Employing 6 Labr, and 3 boys, Llanfaelrhys.

Mary Rowlands, Serv, Un, 54, House Servant, Llanfaelrhys.

Jane Hughes, Serv, Un, 24, House Servant, Bryncroes.

Henry Jones, Serv, Marr, 47, Farm Servant, Bryncroes.

Evan Williams, Serv, Un, 21, Farm Servant, Rhiw.

William Hughes, Serv, Un, 17, Farm Servant, Llanfaelrhys.

William Griffith, Serv, Un, 16, Farm Servant, Bryncroes.

Robert Jones, Serv, 14, Farm Servant, Bryncroes.



James Owens, Head, Un, 38, Farmer with 250 acres, Employing 6 Labr, and 2 boys, Llanfaelrhys.

Janett Rice, Sister, Widow, 46, House Keeper, Llanfaelrhys.

Thomas Rice, Nephew, Un, 19, Farmers Son, Llanfaelrhys.

Elizabeth Williams, Serv, Un, 17, House Servant, Bottwnog.

Jane Roberts, Serv, Un, 16, House Servant, Rhiw.

Mary Griffith, Lodger, Un, 24, Bryncroes.

John Owen, Serv, Marr, 30, Farm Servant, Llanfaelrhys.

Rowland Jones, Serv, Un, 26, Farm Servant, Aberdaron.

John Roberts, Serv, Un, 17, Farm Servant, Bryncroes.

John Prichard, Serv, Un, 15, Farm Servant, Bryncroes.

Thomas Davies, Lodger, Un, 55, Chimney Sweep, Penbrokshire.



John Williams, Head, Marr, 42, Ag Lab, Aberdaron.

Ellen Williams, Wife, 44, Llangwnadl.

Ellen Williams, Daughter, Un, 17, Llanfaelrhys.

Jane Williams, Daughter, 12, Llanfaelrhys.

Evan Williams, Son, 10, Llanfaelrhys.

Hugh Williams, Son, 7, Llanfaelrhys.

Ellis Williams, Son, 5, Llanfaelrhys.

Margaret Williams, Daughter, 2, Llanfaelrhys.

Cryga Mawr,

Thomas Griffith, Head, Marr, 73, Farmer with 26 acres, Employing 1 Labr, Llanfaelrhys.

Elizabeth Griffith, Wife, 52, Meylltyrn.

Anne Griffith, G Daughter, 13, Llanfaelrhys.

Jane Rowlands, Serv, 28, House Servant, Rhiw.

William Jones, Serv, Un, 17, Farm Servant, Bryncroes.


Caeír Eglwys,

John Jones, Head, Marr, 46, Farmer and Miner, Aberdaron.

Anne Jones, Wife, 49, Bryncroes.

Catherine Jones, Daughter, Un, 14, Bryncroes.

Mary Jones, Daughter, 9, Bryncroes.


Tyn Rhos,

Jane Edwards, Head, Widow, 55, Ag Lab Widow, Aberdaron.

Catharine Edwards, Daughter, Un, 40, Aberdaron.



Ellen Prichard, Head, Widow, 58, Farmer with 41 acres, Employing 2 Labr, Bryncroes.

Evan J Prichard, Son, Un, 24, Farmers Son, Llanfaelrhys.

Jane Griffith, Serv, Un, 27, House Servant, Llanfaelrhys.

William Powell, Boarder, Un, 33, Local Independent Preacher, Llanelli.

Griffith Roberts, Serv, Un, 43, Ag Lab, Bryncroes.



Griffith Jones, Head, Marr, 49, Farmer with 15 acres, Employing 1 Labr.

Elizabeth Jones, Wife, 46, Farmers Wife.

Catharine Jones, Daughter, Un, 22, Llanfaelrhys.

William Jones, Son, 17, Llanfaelrhys.

Thomas Griffith Jones, Son, 14, Scholar, Llanfaelrhys.



Ellen Roberts, Head, Widow, 68, Farmer of 8 acres, Employing 1 Labr, Llanfaelrhys.

Catharine Roberts, Daughter, Un, 29, Llanfaelrhys.

Ruth Roberts, G Daughter, 10, Llanfaelrhys.

Evan Roberts, Son, Un, 40, Llanfaelrhys.



Robert Owen, Head, Un, 64, Farmer of 21 acres, Employing 1 Labr, Llanfaelrhys.

Sarah Owen, Sister, Un, 57, Llanfaelrhys.

John Owen, Nephew, Un, 20, Llanfaelrhys.

Jane Jones, Niece, Marr, 27, Llanfaelrhys.

Robert Jones, Niece Son, 3, Llanfaelrhys.

Owen Jones, Niece Son, 1 month, Llanfaelrhys.



Jane Hughes, Head, Un, 62, Llanfaelrhys.

Margaret Hughes, Sister, Un, 41, Llanfaelrhys.


Efail Bwlch Clawdd,

John Jones, Head, Mar, 54, Shoemaker, Abererch.

Jannett, Jones, Wife, 60, Llanfaelrhys.

Mary Jones, Sister-in-law, Un, 54, Llanfaelrhys.


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