Bardsey Census 1861


House,   Person,   Name,   Relation,   Condition,   Age,   Occupation,   Where Born.



George H Lewis, Head, Marr, 39, Principal Lighthouse Keeper, North Devon, Clovelly.

Emma Lewis, Wife, 37, Middlesex, St Martins.

Florence Lewis, Daughter, 9, Bardsey.

Emma Lewis, Daughter, 7, Bardsey.

Ann Williams, Serv, Un, 33, General Servant, Bardsey.



William Davies, Head, Marr, 37, Assistant Lighthouse Keeper, Solva.

Ann Davies, Wife, 42, St Davidís.

William Davies, Son, 14, Scholar, Milford.

Ann Davies, Daughter, 13, Milford.

Jane Davies, Daughter, 10, Milford.

Elizabeth Davies, Daughter, 8, Milford.

Mary Davies, Daughter, 5, Bardsey.


Dyno Goch,

Evan Hughes, Head, Marr, 69, Fisherman & Farmer of 16 acres, Aberdaron.

Ellen Hughes, Wife, 70, Farmers Wife, Bardsey.

William Hughes, Son, Un, 46, Fisherman & Farmers Son, Bardsey.

Hugh Hughes, Son, Un, 34, Farmers Son, Bardsey.

Jane Hughes, Daughter, Un, 36, Farmers Daughter, Bardsey.

Griffith Mark, Grandson, 9, Bardsey.


Pen y Fron,

John Jones, Head, Marr, 50, Jobbing Carpenter, Aberdaron.

Bridget Jones, Wife, 43, Bardsey.

Ellen Jones, Daughter, Un, 19, General Servant, Bardsey.

Evan Jones, Son, 11, Bardsey.

Mary Jones, Daughter, 5, Bardsey.


Ty Pella,

Griffith Richards, Head, Widower, 55, A Fisherman & Farmer of 27 acres, Bardsey.

Love Richards, Son, Un, 19, Farmers Son, Bardsey.

Evan Richards, Son, Un, 17, Farmers Son, Bardsey.

Jane Richards, Daughter, Un, 29, Farmers Daughter, Bardsey.

Catharine Richards, Daughter, 12, Farmers Daughter, Bardsey.

Griffith Richards, Grandson, 6, Bardsey.

Thomas Richards, Grandson, 3, Bardsey.



Evan Williams, Head, Marr, 50, (Retired Seaman,) Farmer of 13 acres. Bardsey.

Elenor Williams, Wife, 42, Farmers Wife, Bardsey.

Mary Williams, Daughter, Un, 18, Bardsey.

Henry Williams, Son, Un, 10, Bardsey.

William Williams, Son, 3, Bardsey.



Jane Williams, Head, Widow, 49, Farmer of 13 acres, Bardsey.

Jane Williams, Daughter, Un, 25, Bardsey.

Sidney Williams, Daughter, Un, 22, Bardsey.

John Williams, Son, Un, 19, Bardsey.


Plas Bach,

Ann Williams, Head, Widow, 52, Farmer of 50 acres, Aberdaron.

Thomas Williams, Son, Un, 34, Bardsey.

Ann Williams, Daughter, Un, 29, Bardsey.

David Williams, Son, Un, 27, Bardsey.

Margaret Williams, Daughter, Un, 25, Bardsey.

Jane Williams, Daughter, Un, 23, Bardsey.

Catharine Williams, Daughter, Un, 21, Bardsey.

John Williams, Son, Un, 18, Bardsey.

William Williams, Son, Un, 16, Bardsey.

Griffith Williams, Son, Un, 14, Bardsey.



Mary Williams, Head, Widow, 66, Farmer of 12 acres, Aberdaron.

Sidney Williams, Daughter, Un, 35, Aberdaron.

Elenor Williams, Daughter, Un, 28, Aberdaron.

Evan Williams, Son, Un, 25, Bardsey.

Thomas Williams, Son, Un, 16, Bardsey.

Margaret Williams, Visitor, Un, 45, Llanengan.

John Powell, Visitor, 5, Pwllheli.


Tyn y Mynydd,

Nathanial Roberts, Head, Marr, 45, Ag Lab, Bardsey.

Mary Roberts, Wife, 43, Aberdaron.

Robert Roberts, Son, Un, 17, Llanfihangel.

Jane Roberts, Daughter, 13, Bardsey.


Ty Nesa,

Evan Jones, Head, Widower, 58, A Fisherman & Farmer of 10 acres, Aberdaron.

Thomas Jones, Son, Un, 31, Seaman M.S. Bardsey.

Samuel Jones, Son, Un, 24, Farmers Son, Bardsey.

Catharine Evans, G Daughter, Un, 16, Aberdaron.

Ellen Evans, Serv, Un, 42, Domestic Servant, Bardsey.


Ty Bach,

Margaret Williams, Head, Widow, 72, Farmer of 10 acres, Bardsey.

Catharine Williams, Daughter, Un, 45, Bardsey.

Thomas Williams, Son, Un, 40, Bardsey.

John Williams, Son, Un, 40, Bardsey.

Jane Williams, Daughter, Un, 24, Bardsey.

Mary Williams, G Daughter, 11, Bardsey.


Hen Dŷ,

Robert Williams, Head, Marr, 67, Calvanistic Local Preacher, and Farmer of 13 acres, Aberdaron.

Jane Williams, Wife, 72, Farmers Wife, Bardsey.

Ann Griffiths, Daughter, Marr, 32, Bardsey.

Rees Griffiths, Son-in-law, 33, Seaman M.S. Aberdaron.

Robert Evans, Grandson, Un, 17, Labourer, Aberdaron.



Morris Williams, Head, Un, 33, Farmer of 13 acres, Bardsey.

Jane Williams, Sister, Un, 31, Bardsey.

Nathaniel Roberts, Nephew, Un, 17, Bardsey.

Susan Griffith, Serv, 14, General Servant, Bardsey.

Ellinor Roberts, Visitor Marr, 23, Bardsey.

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