Aberdaron Census 1861

(page two)

Where Born were not included on the original census.

House,    Person Name,    Relation,    Condition,    Age,    Occupation,    Where Born.


Tyn y Mynydd,

James Parry, Head, Marr, 30, Farmer of 21 acres, Employing 1 Lab.

Sydney Parry, Wife, 32.

Henry Parry, Son, 9 months.

Geunor Parry, Sister, Un, 38, House Servant.

John Williams, Serv, 14, Ag Lab.


Hendre Bach,

William Williams, Head, Marr, 55, Farmer.

Dorothy Williams, Wife, 50.

William Williams, Son, Un, 18, Ag Lab.

Robert Williams, Son, 9.

Catherine Evans, Serv, Un, 15, House Servant.

Griffith Williams, Serv, Un, 16, Ag Lab.



David Williams, Head, Marr, 42, Farmer of 32 acres, Employing 2 Lab.

Claudia Williams, Wife, 35.

Catherine Williams, Daughter, Un, 16, House Servant.

Elizabeth Williams, Daughter, 9.

John Williams, Son, 2.

Elinor Jones, Serv, Un, 17, House Servant.

Richard Williams, Serv, Un, 18, Ag Lab.

Robert Evans, Serv, 14, Ag Lab.


Bodwrda Mill,

Jennet Hughes, Head, Un, 49, Miller and Farmer of 2 acres.

Richard Williams, Serv, Un, 21, Miller.

Richard Evans, Serv, 13.



Dorothy Griffiths, Head, Widow, 64, Farmer of 2 acres and Midwifery.

Elizabeth Jones, Daughter, Marr, 34, Lab Wife.

Thomas Jones, Grandson, 5.

Dorothy Jones, Granddaughter, 2.

Griffith Jones, Grandson, 9 months.

Dorothy Jones, Granddaughter, 5, Liverpool.



Thomas Jones, Head, Marr, 61, Ag Lab

Mary Jones, Wife, 64.

Elinor Jones, Daughter, Marr, 24, Lab Wife.

William Jones, Grandson, 2.

Thomas Jones, Grandson, 1.

Thomas Jones, Son-in-law, Marr, 25, Ag Lab.



William Jones, Head, Marr, 48, Ag Lab and Farmer of 3 acres.

Elinor Jones, Wife, 48.

Hannah Jones, Daughter, Un, 17, House Servant.


Richard Hughes, Head, Marr, 61, Ag Lab.

Elinor Hughes, Wife, 63.



Margaret Roberts, Head, Un, Post Messenger.

Anne Williams, Daughter, 10.

Richard Thomas, Son, 6.



Michael Jones, Head, Marr, 35, Mariner.

Jane Jones, Wife, 45.

Luce? Jones, Daughter, 11.



Elinor Williams, Wife, Marr, 51, Seamanís Wife and Farmer of 6 acres.

Elinor Williams, Daughter, Marr, 30, Seamanís Wife.

Henry Williams, Granson, 2.

William Williams, Grandson 3 months.

Jennet Griffiths, Serv, Un, 22, House Servant.

Ellis Jones, Serv, Un, 34, Ag Lab.



Elinor Griffiths, Head, Widow, 56, Shopkeeper and Farmer of 6 acres.

Anne Williams, Daughter, Marr, 23.

Griffith Griffiths, Son, Un, 20, Ag Lab.

Elinor Williams, Granddaughter, 2.



Griffith Williams, Head, Marr, 60, Farmer of 16 acres.

Jane Williams, Wife, 61.

William Williams, Son, Un, 28, Ag Lab.

Jane Williams, Daughter, Marr, 25.

Elinor Williams, Daughter, Un, 23, House Servant.

Griffith Griffiths, Grandson, 13, Scholar.

Margery Owens, Granddaughter, 4.

John G Jones, Grandson, 3 months.



William Jones, Head, Marr, 27, Farmer of 82 acres.

Magdalen Jones, Wife, 24.

Mary Jones, Daughter, 4.

Margaret Jones, Daughter, 3.

Hannah Jones, Daughter, 1.

Owen Parry, Serv, Un, 32, Ag Lab, Deaf.

Richard Thomas, Serv, Marr, 23, Ag Lab.

Jennet Lloyd, Serv, Un, 20, House Servant.


Ty Isaf,

Hugh Griffiths, Head, Marr, 53, Farmer of 75 acres.

Elinor Griffiths, Wife, 37.

Margaret Griffiths, Daughter, 9, Scholar.

Ruth Griffiths, Daughter, 9

Jane Griffiths, Daughter, 7.

Elinor Griffiths, Daughter, 4.

Mary Griffiths, Daughter, 1.

Mathew Griffiths, Brother, Un, 49, Ag Lab.

Jane Jones, Serv, Un, 25, House Servant.



Jonnet Jones, Head, Widow, 75, Pauper.

John Jones, Son, Widower, 54, Ag Lab.

Robert Jones, Son, Marr, 53, Ag Lab.

Catherine Jones, Daughter, Un, 39, House Servant.



Mary Jones, Head, Un, 34.

Richard Prichard, Son, 8.

Anne Richard, Niece, 6.



Jane Jones, Wife, Marr, 33, Ag Labís Wife.

Mary Jones, Daughter, 6.



William Williams, Head, Marr, 65, Farmer of 10 acres.

Catherine Williams, Wife, 59.

William O Williams, Adopted Son, 12, Scholar.

Elin Jones, Serv, Un, 14, Ag Lab.



John Evans, Head, Marr, 68, Ag Lab.

Elinor Evans, Wife, 58.

Jonnet Evans, Daughter, Un, 22, House Servant.

William Jones, Grandson, 5.

Robert Griffiths, Grandson, 2.


Cyllyfellin Bach,

William Roberts, Head, Widower, 76, Farmer of 20 acres.

Griffith Williams, Serv, Un, 16, Ag Lab.

Elenor Williams, Serv, Un, 59, House Servant.

Jane Hughes, Lodger, Un, 30, Mantle Maker.


Caeír Geifr,

John Williams, Head, Marr, 54, Farmer of 12 acres.

Jane Williams, Wife, 47.

Elizabeth Jones, Serv, Un, 26, House Servant.


Tir Bonog,

Lewis Williams, Head, Marr, 39, Farmer of 15 acres.

Jane Williams, Wife, 28.

William Williams, Son, 9.

Elinor Williams, Daughter, 8.

Elizabeth Williams, Daughter, 5.

Jane Williams, Daughter, 3.

Sydney Williams, Daughter, 1.


Mur Melyn,

Thomas Richards, Head, Widower, 40, Farmer of 30 acres.

Margaret Jones, Serv, Un, 34, House Servant.

Jane Jones, Serv Daughter, 15.

William Williams, Serv, 10, Ag Lab.


Bryn Eithin,

William Richards, Head, Marr, 54, Farmer of 40 acres.

Jane Richards, Wife, 38.

Jane Hughes, Wifeís Daughter, 6.

Catherine Richards, Daughter, 7 months.

Hugh Hughes, Serv, Un, 15, Ag Lab.

Elinor Evans, Serv, Un, 17, House Servant.


Tyddyn Bychan,

Griffith Jones, Head, Marr, 58, Farmer of 50 acres.

Catherine Jones, Wife, 58.

Catherine Jones, Daughter, Un, 22.

William Roberts, Serv, Marr, 27, Ag Lab.

William Edmund, Serv, Un, 14, Ag Lab.



John Roberts, Head, Marr, 47, Farmer of 30 acres.

Elinor Roberts, Wife, 47.

Elizabeth Roberts, Daughter, Un, 17.

David Roberts, Son, 9.

Richard Roberts, Son, 7.

Jonnet Roberts, Daughter, 3.



Ellis Griffiths, Head, Marr, 41, Farmer of 30 acres.

Anne Griffiths, Wife, 30.

Thomas Griffiths, Son, 7.

Griffith Griffiths, Son, 5.

John Griffiths, Son, 2.

Jane Griffiths Daughter, 6 months.

Geunor Jones, Serv, Un, 19, House Servant.


Caerhyd Bach, Unoccupied.



Robert Evans, head, Un, 68, Farmer of 380 acres, 8 Labs, 3 boys.

William Williams, Nephew, Un, 45, Ag Lab.

Robert Davies, Serv, Un, 26, Ploughman.

Henry Edmund, Serv, Un, 20, Ploughman.

Isaac Jones, Serv, Marr, 22, Cowman.

John Jones, Serv, Un, 15, Ag. Lab.

Hugh Roberts, Serv, Un, 15, Ag. Lab.

William Thomas, Serv, Un, 45, Ag. Lab.

Evan Williams, Serv, Un, 15, Ag. Lab.

Laura Evans, Niece, Un, 44, House Servant.

Elinor Thomas, Serv, Un, 23, House Servant.

Elizabeth Jones, Serv, Un, 17, House Servant.


Morfa Trwyn Glas

John Griffiths, Head, Un, 72, Farmer of 90 acres.

Jane Williams, Sister, Marr, 52, Marinerís Wife.

David Davies, Serv, Un, 14.

Elizabeth Roberts, Serv, Un, 18.



Thomas Ellis, Head, Marr, 82, Farmer of 500 acres.

Jane Ellis, Wife, 58.

John Ellis, Son, Un 26, Farmerís Son.

Thomas Ellis, Son, Un, 23, Farmerís Son.

Catherine Ellis, Daughter, Un, 16.

Thomas Williams, Serv, Marr, 28, Thrasher.

Richard Jones, Serv, Marr, 52, Thrasher.

Hugh Williams, Serv, Marr, 48, Ploughman.

John Jones, Serv, Marr, 23, Ploughman.

Robat Evans, Serv, Un, 16, Farm Servant.

William Mathew, Serv, Un, 15, Farm Servant.

Jane Evans, Serv, Un, 21, House Servant.

Elizabeth Evans, Serv, Un, 17, House Servant.



Robert Carreg, Head, Un 25, Gent.

Robert Roberts, Serv, 40, Gardener.

George Mclean, Serv, Marr, 26, Groom.

Anne Morris, Serv, Un, 21, House Servant.


Ty Fwg

Humphrey Hughes, Head, Marr, 38, Farmer of 40 acres.

Catherine Hughes, Wife, 42.

John Hughes, Son, 5.

Thomas Hughes, Son, 4.

Griffith Hughes, Son, 2.

Robert Hughes, Son, 11mths.

Richard Williams, Serv, Marr, 42, Ag Lab.

Mary Jones, Serv, Un, 19, House Servant.


Ysgubor Bach

Arthur Jones, Head, Marr, 47, Farmer of 72 acres.

Anne Jones, Wife, 39.

Anne Jones, Daughter, 6.

Catherine Jones, Serv, Un, 18.

Griffith Jones, Serv, Un 17, Ag. Lab.

John Williams, Serv, Un, 17, Ag. Lab.


Plas Coch.

John Jones, Head, Marr, 62, Ag. Lab and farmer of 4 acres.

Elinor Jones, Wife, 65.


Plas Minffordd

Mary Jones, Head, Widow, 75, Independent and Farmer of 4 acres.

Margaret James, Sister, Un, 61,

Mary Hughes, Serv, Un, 38, House Servant..

Margaret Roberts, Serv, Un, 15, House Servant.

Mary Hughes, Servantís Daughter, 4.



Griffith Jones, Head, Marr 42, Farmer of 31 acres.

Margaret Jones, Wife, 41.

Owen Jones, Son, 11.

Robert Jones, Son, 9.

John G Jones, Son, 7.

Griffith Jones, Son, 5.

Evan Jones, Son, 1 month.



William Williams, Head, Marr, 48, Farmer of 30 acres.

Mary Williams, Wife, 43.

Mary Jones, Serv, Un, 26, House Servant.



Catherine Williams, Head Un, 52, Pauper.

Elin Williams, Sister, Un, 44, Pauper.

Jane Parry, Niece, 14.

William Roberts, Nephew, 5.



Jane James, Head, Un, 54, Pauper.

Jane Jones, Daughter, 14.

Owen James, Brother, Un, 57, Carpenter.



Jonnet Jones, Head, Marr, 51, Farmer of 3 acres.

Lowry Jones, Daughter, Un, 19, House Servant.

Mary Jones, Daughter, 8.

Robert Jones, Son, 6.

Evan Jones, Son, 3.



Ellis Jones, Head, Un, 36, Farmer of 20 acres.

Elizabeth Jones, Sister, Un, 27, House Servant.



John Williams, Head, Marr, 63, Mariner.

Elinor Williams, Wife, 69.


Cyndyn Ucha,

Owen Jones, Head, Marr, 39, Ag Lab.

Dorothy Jones, Wife, 44.

John Jones, Son, 13, Scholar.

Jane Jones, Daughter, 11.

Lowry Jones, Daughter, 9.



Richard Griffiths, Head, Marr, 40, Mariner and Farmer of 15 acres.

Elinor Griffiths, Wife, 37.

Griffith Griffiths, Son, 8, Scholar.

Robert Griffiths, Son, 5.

Robert Jones, Serv, Marr, 34, Ag Lab.

Anne Williams, Serv, Un, 27, House Servant.


Bwlch Llwgr,

Daniel Williams, Head, Marr, 42, Ag Lab and Farmer of 1Ĺ acres.

Mary Williams, Wife, 50.

Elinor Williams, Daughter, 13.

Catherine Williams, Daughter, 10.

Mary Williams, Daughter, 4.



John Williams, Head, Marr, 40, Farmer of 30 acres.

Jane Williams, Wife, 46.

William Williams, Son, Un, 17, Ag Lab.

Lydia Williams, Daughter, 6.

Elinor Jones, Serv, Un, 19, House Servant.



Jonnet Griffiths, Head, Widow, 49, Farmer of 4 acres.

Jane Griffiths, Daughter, Un, 22, House Servant.

John Williams, Grandson, 3.


Tyn y Ffynon,

Job Jones, Head, Marr, 38, Farmer of 15 acres.

Elizabeth Jones, Wife, 44.

Anne Jones, Daughter, 8.

Mary Jones, Daughter, 7.

Griffith Jones, Brother-in-law, Un, 40, Pauper.



Morris Griffiths, Head, Marr, 52, Farmer of 28 acres.

Jane Griffiths, Wife, 35.

Evan Griffiths, Son, 10, Scholar.

Catherine Griffiths, Daughter, 2.

Jane Griffiths, Daughter, 2.

Richard Roberts, Serv, 16, Ag Lab.

Elizabeth Williams, Serv, 19, House Servant.



Richard Hughes, Head, Marr, 34, Taylor.

Jane Hughes, Wife, 43.

Lowry Hughes, Daughter, 7.

Hannah Hughes, Daughter, 2.



Anne Williams, Head, Marr, 38, Marinerís Wife.

Elinor Williams, Daughter, 11.

Mary Williams, Daughter, 9.

Thomas Williams, Son, 6.

William Williams, Son, 4.

Sydney Williams, Daughter, 9 months.



William Roberts, Head, Marr, 44, Ag Lab and Farmer of 5 acres.

Elizabeth Roberts, Wife, 40.

Robert Roberts, Son, 10.

Catherine Roberts, Daughter, 8.

Mary Roberts, Daughter, 6.


Tyír Mynydd,

Thomas Ellis, Head, Widower, 80, Mason.

Lowry Ellis, Daughter, Un, 48.


Mount Pleasant,

Evan Richards, Head, Marr, 43, Ag Lab.

Elizabeth Richards, Wife, Marr,42.

Richard Richards, Son, Un, 19, Ag. Lab.

Elizabeth Richards, Daughter, 12.

Owen Richards, Son, 9.

Mary Richards, Daughter, 4.

John Richards, Son, 2.



Elizabeth Williams, Head, Marr, 49, Labourerís Wife.

Jane Williams, Daughter, 23, Un 23.

Elinor, Williams, Daughter, 7.

Catherine Williams, Daughter, 7.

Hugh Thomas, Grandson 1.



William Richard, Head, Widow, 71, Tailor and Farmer of 2 acres.

Anne Richards, Daughter, Un, 31.

Martha Griffiths, Grand Daughter, 13.



Griffith Williams, Head, Marr, 54, Ag. Lab. Farmer of 4 acres.

Anne Williams, Wife, Marr, 52.

Ellis Williams, son, Un, 28, Flour Dealer.

Elizabeth Williams, Daughter, Un, 26 Mantua maker.

Elinor Williams, Daughter, 14.

John Williams, Son, 12,



David Jones, Head, Marr, 37, Ag. Lab, Farm of 70 acres.

Catherine Jones, Wife, Marr, 36.

Elinor, Daughter, Un, 13.

John Jones, Son, 10.

Hugh Jones, Son 5.



Mathew Jones, Head, Marr, 70, Mason and Farm of 1 acre.

Elinor Jones, Wife, 63.



Mary Job, Head, Widow, 61, Pauper.

Elinor Richard, Head, Widow, 55, Pauper.

Jane Richard, Daughter, Un, 18.



Elin Roberts, Head, 56.



David Williams, Head, Marr, 63, Farmer of 120 acres.

Gaynor Williams, wife, 52.

John Williams, Son, Un, 29, Mariner.

Robert Williams, Son, Marr, 27, Farmerís Son.

Mary Williams, Daughter, Un, 19.

Thomas Williams, Son, 15.

Mary Jones, Serv, Un, 18, House Servant.

William Owen, Serv, 20, Ag. Lab.

Henry Williams, Serv, Un, 18, Ag. Lab.

Thomas Roberts, Serv, Un, 15.



Mary Hughes, Head, Un, 70, Farmer of 5 acres.

Elizabeth Hughes, Sister, Widow, 65.

Richard Richards, Nephew, 23, Ag. Lab.


Tyír Capel

Richard Evans, Head, Widower, 74, Tailor.

Margaret Evans, Daughter, Widow, 37, Mantua Maker.


Hugh Hughes, Head, Widower, 68, Ag. Lab.

Catherine Hughes, Daughter, Un, 32.

Mary Roberts, Grand Daughter, 4.



Thomas Parry, Head, Marr, 60, Farmer of 15 acres.

Jane Parry, Wife, 65.

Catherine Parry, Daughter, Un, 25, House Servant.

Robert Parry, Son, Un, 19, Ag. Lab.

Thomas Parry, Grandson, 3.


Eichegun (?)

William Jones, Head, Marr, 27, Ag. Lab. Farmer of 7 acres.

Anne Jones, Wife, 28.

Catherine Jones, Daughter, 6.

John Jones, Son, 3.

Thomas Jones, Son 6 mths.

Catherine Griffith, Widow, 71, Lodger.



Griffith Thomas, Head, Marr, 30, Tailor.

Anne Thomas, Wife, 31.

Thomas Thomas, Son, 8.

Richard Thomas, Son, 6.

Mary Thomas, Daughter, 3.

Robert Thomas, Son, 1.



John Prichard, Head, Marr, 27, Carrier.

Jane Prichard, Wife, 26.

Mary Prichard, Daughter 4.

Elizabeth Prichard, Daughter, 3mths.



William Price, Head, Marr, 46, Butcher and Farmer of 40 acres.

Margaret Price, Wife, 39.

Margaret Price, Daughter, 11

William Price, Son, 7.

Jane Price, Daughter, 5.

Robert Price, Son, 4.

Winifred Price, Daughter, 2.

Thomas price, Son, 2mths.



Elizabeth Jones, Wife, 47, Labís Wife.

Richard Jones, Son, 12.



John Williams, Head, Un, 45, Farmer of 60 acres.

Jane Williams, Serv, Un, 40, House Servant.

Jane Jones, Serv, Un, 17, House Servant.

Rowland Jones, Serv, Un, 18, Ag. Lab.

Humphrey Jones, Serv, Un, 13, Ag. Lab.



William Roberts, Head, Marr, 57, Blacksmith and farmer of 6 acres.

Jane Roberts, Wife, 55.

Jane Evans, Serv, Un, 13e, House Servant.



Anne Richards, Head, Un, 51, Spinner.



John Jones, Head, Marr, 55, Fisherman.

Anne Jones, Wife, 53.

Richard Jones, Son, 14, Scholar.



Richard Griffiths, Head, Marr, 72, Blacksmith.

Jane Griffiths, Wife, 52.

Jane Griffiths, Daughter, Un,  21, Dressmaker.

Anne Griffiths, Daughter, 12.



Methusalem Evans, Head, Widower, 66, Ag. Lab. And Farmer of 4 acres.

Jane Owens, Serv, Un, 49, House Servant.

William Evans, Son, 8. Scholar.

Margaret J Evans, Daughter, 6


Tyucha Tynant

Elinor Parry, Wife, 29, Marinerís Wife.

Elinor Parry, Daughter, 1.



Owen Roberts, Head, Marr, 60, Farmer of 200 acres.

Margaret Roberts, Wife, 48, Farmerís wife.

John Roberts, Son, Un, 23, Farmerís Son.

Owen Roberts, Son, Un, 13, Farmerís Son.

Thomas, Roberts, Son, 4.

Laura Roberts, Daughter, Un, 20, Farmerís Daughter.

Jane Roberts, Daughter, Marr, 18, Farmerís Wife.

William Hughes, Serv Un, 20, Ag. Lab.

Ellis Thomas, Serv, Marr, 30, Ag. Lab.

Robert Owen, Serv, Un, 18, Ag. Lab.

Thomas Jones, Srerv, Un, 12, Ag. Lab.

Elinor Jones, Serv, Un, 24, House Servant.



Hugh Roberts, Head, Marr, 62, Farmer of 20 acres.

Catherine Roberts, Wife, 61, Farmerís Wife.

Richard Roberts, Son, Un, 29, Farmerís Son.

Griffith Jones, Serv, Marr, 52, Ag. Lab.

Anne Thomas, Serv, Un, 20, House Servant.



William Jones, Head, Widower, 67, Farmer of 35 acres.

James Jones, Son, Un, 34, Farmerís Son.

Mary Jones, Daughter, Un, 30, Farmerís Daughter.

Elin Jones, Niece, 10.

Catherine Jones, Serv, Un, 20, House Servant.

David Hughes, Serv, Un, 20,Ag.Lab.

Elinor Jones, Lodger, Widow, 36, Mantua Maker.



Evan Jones, Head, Marr, 64, Farmer of 40 acres.

Jane Jones, Wife, 50, Farmerís Wife.

Elizabeth Jones, Daughter, Un, 18, Farmerís Daughter.

John Emmanuel, Serv, Un, 16, Ag. Lab.



William Daniel, Head, Marr, 35, Ag. Lab. And Farmer of 4 acres.

Elizabeth Daniel, Wife, 32.

Elizabeth Daniel, Daughter, 2.



Griffith Hughes, Head, Marr, 48, Farmer of 6 acres.

Sarah Hughes, Wife, 32, Farmerís Wife.

Elinor Evans, Serv, Un, 24, House Servant.



John Williams, Head,  Marr, 40, Fisherman.

Margaret Williams, Wife, 40, Fisherís Wife.



Hugh Williams, Head, Marr, 48, Farmer of 8 acres.

Elinor Williams, Wife, 45, Farmerís Wife.



Daniel Williams, head, Marr, 28, Ag. Lab. And farmer of 5 acres.

Jane Williams, Wife, 28.

Laura Williams, Daughter, 6.

William, Williams, Son, 4.

David Williams, Son, 1.



John Richard, Head, Marr 51, Ag. Lab.

Anne Richard, Wife, 48.

Jonnet Richard, Daughter, 11.

Elizabeth Richard, Daughter, 7.

Richard Richard, Son, 4.

Evan Richards, Son, 2mths.



Jane Jones, Head, Widow, 35, Pauper.

Catherine Jones, Daughter, 14.

Richard Jones, Son, 10.

Lewis Jones, Son, 6.

Elinor Jones, Daughter, 4.



William Roberts, Head,  Widower, 58, Farmer of 30 acres.

Sarah Jones, Serv, Un, 28, House Servant.

Benjamin Jones, Serv, Un, 18, Ag. Lab.

William Daniel, Serv, Un 15, Ag. Lab.



Jane Jones, Head, Un, 40, Mantua maker.

William Jones, Son, 6.

James Jones, Son, 2.


Ty Wm Vaughan

William Davies, Head, Marr, 53, Farmer of 6 acres.

Lowry Davies, Wife, Marr, 54.

Elinor Davies, Daughter, 13.

Jane Jones, Lodger, Widow, 83.



William Evans, Head, Marr, 44, Farmer of 50 acres.

Magdalen Evans, Wife, 54.

Lewis Evans, Son, Un, 21, Mariner.

Mary Evans, Daughter, Un, 19.

Richard Evans, Son, Un, 17, Ag. Lab.

Griffith Evans, Son, 14, Ag. Lab.

Robert Evans, Son, 12.

John Evans, Son, 8.

William Evans, Son, 5.

Jonnet Evans, Daughter, 2.

Mary Williams, Lodger, 71.



Richard Parry, Head, Marr, 60, Ag. Lab. And farmer of 3 acres.

Elin Parry, Wife, 58.

Anne Parry, Daughter, Un, 23.

Elinor Williams, Niece, 3.



John Thomas, Head, Marr, 57, Farmer of 17 acres.

Jane Thomas, Wife, 50.

Thomas Thomas, Son, Un, 23, Ag. Lab.

Jane Thomas, Daughter, Un, 16.

John Thomas, Son, 13.

Margaret Thomas, Daughter, 10.

Elinor Thomas, Daughter, 7.



Griffith Rowland, Head, Marr, 59, Farmer of 5 acres.

Mary Rowland, Wife, 59.

David Rowland, Son, Un, 27, Ag. Lab.

Elinor Rowland, Daughter, Un, 16.



William Jones, Head, Marr, 35, Farmer of 15 acres.

Elizabeth Jones, Wife,29.

Catherine Jones, Daughter 4.

Catherine Owen, Serv, Un, 32, House Servant.



David Jones, Head, Marr, 76, Farmer of 30 acres.

Anne Jones, Wife, 56.

John Jones Son, Un 55, Ag. Lab.

Elinor Williams, Serv, Un, 16, House Servant.

John Jones, Serv, Un 13, Ag. Lab.



Anne Griffiths, Head, Widow, 65, Farmer of 35 acres.

Griffith Griffiths, Son, Un, 37, Ag. Lab.

John Griffiths, Son, Un, 27, Ag. Lab.

Owen Griffiths, Son in Law, Marr, 33, Mariner.

Claudia Griffiths, Daughter, Marr, 39, Seamanís Wife.

Elinor Griffith, Serv, Un, 19, House Servant.

William Owen, Serv, 13.



John Jones, Head, Marr, 70, Shoemaker.

Elizabeth Jones, Wife, 50.



Nathanael Williams, Head, Marr, 40, Farmer of 10 acres.

Margaret Williams, Wife, 29.

Margaret Williams, Daughter, 6.

John Williams, Son, 4.



John Evans, Head, Marr, 43, Ag. Lab and Farmer of 4 acres.

Catherine Evans, Wife, 43.

Mary Evans, Daughter, 14.

Evan Evans, Son, 11.

Margaret Evans, Daughter, 6.

Hugh Evans, Daughter, 4.

Elizabeth Evans, Daughter 1.

Richard Evans, Son 2weeks.



Robert Williams, Head, Marr, 44, Mariner and farmer of 4 acres.

Jane Williams, Wife, 44.

William Williams, Son, 16.

Elizabeth Williams, Daughter, 9.



Robert Ellis, Head, Marr, 66, Ag. Lab. And farmer of 4 acres.

Mary Ellis, Wife, 65.

Jane Ellis, Niece, 6.



Evan Jones, Head, Widower, 68, Farmer of 40 acres.

John Jones, Son, Un, 35, Ag. Lab.

David Jones, Son , Un, 28, Ag. Lab.

Anne Jones, Daughter, Un, 23.

Elinor Jones, Daughter, Un, 21..

Martha Griffiths, Visitor, Un, 22, Mantua Maker.



William Edwards, Head, Widower, Farmer of 15 acres.

John Edwards, Son, Un, 21, Ag. Lab.

Jane Williams, Serv, Un, 49, House Servant.

Owen Edwards, Lodger, Un, 69.



John Job, Head, Widower, 71, Weaver and Farmer of 4 acres.

Mary Jones Job, Daughter, Un, 34.



Rowland Griffith, Head, Marr, 30, Ag. Lab. And farmer of 4 acres.

Elinor Griffith, Wife, 30.

Griffith Griffith, Son, 6.

Owen Griffith, Son, 4mths.



Henry Parry, Head, Marr, 44, Farmer of 5 acres.

Margaret  Parry, Wife, 46.



Elinor Cadwalader, Head, Marr, 58, Ag. Labís Wife.

Jane Williams, Lodger, Widow, 93.



James Jones, Head, Marr, 40, Mariner.

Jane Jones, Wife, 29.

Catherine Jones, Daughter, 8.

Owen Jones, Son, 6.

Richard Jones, Son, 3.

Jeremiah Jones, son, 1.



Catherine Jones, Head, Un, 45.



Griffith Roberts, Head, Farmer of 8 acres.

Griffith Griffiths, Son, Marr, 25, Fisherman.

Martha Griffiths, Sonís Wife, 28.

Robert Griffiths, Grandson, 6.

Elizabeth Griffiths, Grand Daughter, 4.



Evan Hughes, Head, Marr, 38, Mariner.

Catherine Hughes, Wife, 35.

Evan Hughes, son, 10.

Jane Hughes, Daughter, 2.

Elinor Hughes, Daughter, 1.



Jane Roberts, Head, Widow, 66, Farmer of 8 acres.

Robert Parry, Son, Un, 45.Ag. Lab.

Elinor Parry, Daughter, Un, 33.

Owen Williams, Nephew, Un, 19, Fisherman.



Thomas Jones, Head, Marr, 52, Farmer of 25 acres.

Mary Jones, Wife, 51.

Anne Jones, Daughter, Un, 28.

Margaret Jones, Daughter, Un, 21.

Owen Jones, Son, 14.



Richard Roberts, Head, Marr, 46, Weaver and Farmer of 2 acres.

Catherine Roberts, Wife, 40.

Elizabeth Roberts, Daughter, 14.

Robert Roberts, Son, 10.

Hugh Roberts, Son, 8.

Margaret Roberts, Daughter, 6.

Lewis Roberts, Son, 4.

William Roberts, Son, 1.


Penbrynbach, Unoccupied.



William Parry, Head, Marr, 46, Farmer of 12 acres.

Jane Parry, Wife, 48.

James Parry, Son, 16.

Jane Evans, Serv, Un, 16, House Servant.



Elizabeth Roberts, head, Widow, 56, Farmer of 12 acres.

John Roberts, Son, 15.



Richard Jones, Head, Un, 26, Farmer of 12 acres.



Evan Jones, Head, Marr, 32, Farmer of 20 acres.

Catherine Jones, Wife, 31.

Margaret Jones, Daughter, 11.

John Jones, Son, 9.

Owen Jones, Son, 6.

Catherine Jones, Daughter, 3.

William Jones, Son, 1.

David Prichard, Serv, 12, Ag. Lab.

Mary Williams, Serv, Un, 20.



Jane Jones, Head, Un, 48, Baker.



William Roberts, Head, Marr, 26, Ag. Lab.

Margaret Roberts, Wife, 31.

Evan Roberts, Son, 3.

Sarah Roberts, Daughter, 2.



Jane Roberts, Head, Marr, 38, Marinerís Wife.

Elizabeth Roberts, Daughter, 12.

Mary Roberts, Daughter, 10.

Hugh Roberts, Son, 7.

Owen Roberts, Son, 4.



Robert Williams, Head, Marr, 76, Weaver.

Elizabeth Williams, Wife, 81.

Anne Williams, Daughter, Un, 36.

Robert Griffiths, Grandson, 6.



John Prichard, Head, Marr, 65, Tailor.

Catherine Parry, Wife, 69.


Tynlonbach, Unoccupied


Tyrcloddia, Unoccupied.



Catherine Jones, Head, Widow, Farmer of 60 acres.

John Jones, son, Un 32, Ag. Lab.

Griffith Jones, Son in Law, 32, Mariner.

Catherine Jones, Daughter, Marr, 24.

John Daniel, Serv, 16, Ag. Lab.

Elizabeth Roberts, Serv,  Un 17.



Hugh Roberts, Head, Marr, 40, Joiner and Farmer of 4 acres.

Elinor Roberts, Wife, 41.

Lowry Roberts, Daughter, 10.

Elinor Roberts, Daughter, 7.

Elizabeth Roberts, Daughter, 4.



Griffith Williams, Head, Widower, 55, Farmer of 55 acres.

Anne Williams, Daughter, Un, 24.

David Williams, Son, Un, 22, Ag. Lab.

Evan Richard, Serv, Widower, 56, Ag. Lab.

Catherine Hughes, Serv, Un, 21.



Robert Hughes, Head, Marr, 35, Ag. Lab.

Jane Hughes, Wife, 43.

Henry Hughes, Son, 5.

Thomas Hughes, Son, 3.

Jane Hughes, Daughter, 6mths.

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