Aberdaron Census 1861

(page one)

Where Born were not included on the original census.

House,    Person Name,    Relation,    Condition,    Age,    Occupation,    Where Born

Ty Isaf.

Thomas Evans. Head. Marr. 36.  Miller.

Mary Evans. Wife. Marr. 29. Millerís wife.

John Evans. Son. 10. Scholar.

Margaret Evans. 7.

Thomas Evans. 4.

Robert Jones. Visitor. Un. 19. Tailor.



Isaac Parry. Head. Marr. 33. Post messenger Person Aberdaron to Sarn Meyllteyrn.

Elizabeth Parry. Wife. 32.

Henry W. Son. 8. Scholar.

Robert Parry. Son. 5.

William Parry. Son. 3.

Griffith Parry. Son 1.



Gaynor Jones. Head. Un 29. Dressmaker.



John Roberts. Head. Marr. 47. Shoemaker.

Elizabeth Roberts. Wife. Marr. 49.

David Roberts. Son. 9. Scholar.

Laura Roberts. Daughter. 6.

Elizabeth Roberts. Daughter.


Ty Canol.

John Hughes. Head. Marr. 28. Tailor.

Margaret Hughes. Wife. 32.


Ty Pella.

Anne Jones. Head. Widow. 73. Pauper.


Ty Pella (2).

Mary Jones. Head. Un. 56. Pauper.

Elinor Griffiths. Daughter. 15.


Ty Canol.

Thomas Jones. Head. Marr. 30. Shoemaker.

Margaret Jones. Wife. Marr. 35.


Store House.

Thomas Richard. Head. Marr. 68. Fisherman.

Jane Richard. Wife. Marr. 67. Fishermanís wife.

Claudia Richard. Daughter. 28.

Jane Jones. Grand daughter. 10.

Thomas Jones. Grandson. 3.


Ty Cerrig.

Ellis Jones. Head. Marr. 67. Coal Merchant.

Elinor Jones. Wife. 68.


Ty Cerrig (2)

Jane Roberts. Head. Widow. 67. Pauper.


Ty Cerrig (3)

Margaret Ellis. Head. Widow. 65. Pauper.

Margaret Griffiths. Daughter . Marr. 34.

William Griffiths. Son in law. 25. Labourer.


Ty Cerrig (4)

Annie Jones. Head. Widow. 73. Pauper.


Gegin Fawr.

Evan Jones. Head. Marr. 46. Labourer.

Jane Jones. Wife. Marr. 47.

William Jones. Son. Un. 17. Scholar.

John Jones. Son. 11. Scholar.

Evan Jones. Son. 5.

Elizabeth Jones. Daughter. 8.



William Jones. Head. Marr. 34. Labourer.

Anne L. Jones. Wife. Marr. 30.

John W. Jones. Son. 7.


Glanymor (2)

James Thomas. Head. Marr. 28. Joiner.

Catherine Thomas. Wife. 25.

Mary Thomas. Daughter. 4.

Jane Thomas. Daughter. 1.


Glanymor (3).

Catherine Evans. Head. Widow. 74. Independent.

Jane Williams. Serv. Un. 40. House Servant.


Ty Newydd.

Mary Griffiths. Head. 53. Inn Keeper.

Griffith Griffiths. Son. Un 22. Seaman.

Mary Griffiths. Daughter. Un. 20. House Servant.

Henry Griffiths. Son. 12. Scholar.


Work House.

Thomas Ellis. Head. Marr. 30. Labourer.

Anne Ellis. Wife. 35.

Griffith Ellis. Son. 5.

Laura Ellis. Daughter 3.

Mary Ellis. Daughter. 1.

Catherine Job. Serv. Un. 50. Housemaid.

Ty Newydd.

Jane Ellis. Head. Widow. 62. Inn Keeper.

Catherine Rice. Serv. Un. 14. House Servant.


Plas y Gegin.

Thomas Jones. Head. Un 39. Shopkeeper.

Sydney Jones. Sister. Un. 29. Housemaid.


Shop Plas.

Mary Jones. Head. Widow. 50. Shopkeeper.

John Jones. Son. Un. 25. Assistant.

Hannah Jones. Daughter. Un. 21. Assistant.

Catherine Richard. Serv. Un. 24. Housemaid.

John Griffiths. Visitor. Un. 34. Seaman.



Catherine Williams. Head. Widow. 63.

Mary Williams. Daughter. Un. 28.


Tyír Efail.

Griffith Jones. Head. Marr. 38. Labourer.

Sydney Jones. Wife. Marr. 32.

John Jones. Son. 13.

William Jones. Son 10.Scholar.

Griffith Jones. Son. 4.

Anne Jones. Daughter. 1.


Tyír Efail (2).

William Roberts. Head. Un. 65. Shoemaker.

Sarah Roberts. Sister. 56. Housemaid.


Tyn Llan.

Robert Evans. Head. Marr. 45. Joiner.

Elizabeth Evans. Wife. Marr. 40.

Jane Evans. Daughter, 11.Scholar.

William Evans. Son. 8. Scholar.

Anne Evans. Daughter. 4.

Evan Evans. Son. 11mths.


Tyn Llan (2)

David Roberts. Head. Marr. 34. Labourer.

Catherine Roberts. Wife. Marr. 35.

Robert Roberts. Son. 8.

William Roberts.  Son. 2 moths.

Mary Roberts. Daughter. 10.


Tyn Llan (3).

Anne Ellis. Wife. Marr. 31. Seamanís Wife.

Robert Ellis. Son. 4.

Elizabeth Williams. Sister. Un. 20.

Morfa Bach.

Richard Roberts. Head. 47. Farmer of 10 acres.

Elizabeth Roberts. Wife. Marr. 60.


Morfa Mawr.

David Jones, Head, Widower, 75, Farmer of 100 acres, Employing 3 Lab.

John Jones, Son, Un, 42, Farmer Son.

Robert Jones, Son, Un, 34, Farmer Son.

David Jones, Son, Un, 30, Farmer Son.

Catharine Jones, Daughter, Un, 37, Housemaid.

Mary Jones, Daughter, Un, 24, Housemaid.

Robert Owen, Serv, Un, 12, Servant.



Thomas Roberts, Head, Marr, 47, Farmer of 55 acres, Employing 2 Lab.

Ann Roberts, Wife, 60, Farmers Wife.

Jane Hughes, Serv, Un, 24, Housemaid.

Richard Roberts, Serv, Un, 20, Lab.

Ellis Jones, Serv, Un, 15, Lab.



Thomas Jones, Head, Widower, 68, Farmer of 18 acres, Employing 1 Lab.

John Jones, Son, Un, 25, Farmers Son.

Anne Jones, Daughter, Un, 35, Farmers Daughter.

Jane Jones, Daughter, Un, 28, Farmers Daughter.



Ellis Thomas, Head, Marr, 31, Lab.

Elizabeth Thomas, Wife, 38.

Elizabeth Thomas, Daughter, 10.

Margaret Thomas, Daughter, 8.

Thomas Thomas, Son, 6.

John Thomas, Son, 4.

Anne Thomas, Daughter, 2.


Penrhyn Bach,

William Roberts, Head, Un, 60, Farmer of 24 acres.

Jane Jones, Sister Un, 48, Housemaid.

Hugh Beshaw, Nephew, 22, Independent, Liverpool.


Penrhyn Canol,

Robert Williams, Head, Marr, 35, Farmer of 15 acres.

Anne Williams, Wife, 30. Farmers Wife.

Robert Williams, Son, 10.


Penrhyn Mawr,

William Roberts, Head, Widower, 63, Farmer of 120 acres, Employing 3 Lab.

Mary Roberts, Daughter, Un, 36.

Catharine Williams, Serv, Un, 46, House Servant.

Edward Williams, Serv, Un, 15, Carter.

John Lewis, Serv, Un, 16, Lab.



Griffith Jones, Head Un, 30, Farmer of 60 acres, Employing 2 Lab.

David Jones, Serv, Un, 48. Lab.

Thomas Jones, Serv, Un, 17, Lab.

John Jones, Serv, Un, 13, Lab.

Catharine Parry, Serv, Un, 20, House Servant.


Ty Howel,

Morris Williams, Head, Marr, 27, Farmer of 40 acres, Employing 1 Lab.

Elizabeth Williams, Wife, 28, Farmers Wife.

Evan Williams, Son, 10, Scholar.

Elinor Jones, Mother, Widow, 63.

Hugh Jones, Serv, Un, 22, Carter.

Dorothy Williams, Serv, Un, 19, House Servant.


Cadlan Uchaf,

Anne Jones, Head, Widow, 74, Farmer of 80 acres, Employing 2 Lab.

Evan Jones, Son, Un, 37, Farmer Son.

Anne Griffiths, G Daughter, 11, Scholar.

Evan Jones, Serv, Un, 20, Lab.

John Jones, Serv, Un, 22, Lab.

Sarah Williams, Serv, Un, 26, House Servant.


Cadlan Isaf,

Thomas Jones, Head, Marr, 59, Farmer of 70 acres, Employing 2 Lab.

Anne Jones, Wife, 55, Farmers Wife.

Hugh Jones, G Son, 7, Scholar.

Margaret Thomas, Serv, Un, 19, House Servant.

William Hughes, Serv, Widower, 23, Lab.

Robert Jones, Serv, Un, 20, Lab.



Ellis Thomas, Head, Un, 30, Farmer of 70 acres, Employing 2 Lab.

Mary Thomas, Sister, Un, 31, House Maid.

Hugh Parry, Serv, Un, 22, Lab.

Thomas Jones, Serv, Un, 16, Lab.

Jane Williams, Serv, Un, 21, House Servant.


Blawd Ty,

Robert Griffiths, Head, Marr, 26, Farmer of 80 acres, Employing 2 Lab.

Ellen Griffiths, Wife, 27, Farmers Wife.

Ellen Griffiths, Daughter, 3.

Mary Griffiths, Daughter, 1.

Anne Jones, Serv, Un, 24, House Servant.

Ellen Jones, Serv, Un, 14, House Servant.

Richard Jones, Serv, Un, 19, Carter.

Owen Lewis, Serv, 17, Lab.


Shop Penycaerau,

Catharine Jones, Head, Widow, 61, Shopkeeper, Farmer of 30 acres.

Jane Jones, Daughter, Un, 21, Assistant.

Ellen Evans, G Daughter, 3.

Mary Owens, Serv, Un, 23, House Servant.

James Owens, Serv, 14, Apprentice.

Griffith Jones, Serv, 16, Lab.



Griffith Davies, Head, Un, 59, Blacksmith, Farmer of 4 acres.

Anne Davies, Sister, Un, 57, House Maid.



Abraham Jones, Head, Marr, 71, Farmer of 22 acres, Employing 1 Lab.

Jane Jones, Wife, 69, Farmers Wife.

Robert Jones, Son, Un, 42, Farmers Son.

Elizabeth Roberts, Serv, Un, 34, House Servant.


Tyír Efail

Jane Hughes, Head, Widow, 42, Weaver.

Robert Jones, Lodger, 9.

Evan Jones, Lodger, 6.


Tyír Efail,

William Jones, Head, Marr, 51, Ag Lab.

Elizabeth Jones, Wife, 47.

Catharine Jones, Daughter, Un, 19, Dress Maker.



Owen Jones, Head, Widower, 79, Fuller.

Jane Roberts, Daughter, Widow, 38, House Maid.

Catharine Jones, Daughter, Un, 36, House Maid.

Owen Roberts, Grandson, 4.



Hugh Griffith, Head, Un, 33, Farmer of 500 acres, Employing 8 Lab, and 2 boys.

Eliza Griffith, Sister, Un, 29.

William Jones, Serv, Marr, 48, Lab.

Jane Eliza Griffith, Niece, 7.

Evan Jones, Serv, Un, 23, Lab.

Thomas Jones, Serv, Marr, 30, Lab.

John Roberts, Serv, Un, 23, Lab.

Evan Jones, Serv, Un, 19, Lab.

Henry Jones, Serv, Un, 18, Lab.

Griffith Griffiths, Serv, Un, 17, Lab.

John Morris, Serv, Un, 14, Lab.

Hugh Williams, Serv, Un, 11, Lab.

Laura Williams, Serv, Un, 22, House Servant.

Elinor, Roberts, Serv, Un, 18, House Servant.


Jane Jones, Serv, Un, 14, House Servant.


Pen Cae,

Mary Jones, Head, Widow, 57, Farmer of 8 acres.

Dorothy Griffiths, Daughter, Un, 26, Dress Maker.


Pen y Caerau,

Henry Parry, Head, Marr, 70, Farmer of 69 acres, Employing 2 Lab, and 1 boys.

Ellen Parry, Wife, 74.

William Parry, Son, Un, 32.

Mary Parry, Daughter, 30, House Servant.

Isaac Williams, Serv, Marr, 26, Lab.

Griffith Griffiths, Serv, Un, 18, Carter.

Robert Thomas, Serv, 13, Lab.



Griffith Evans, Head, Marr, 53, Farmer of 55 acres, Employing 1 Lab, and 1 boys.

Laura Evans, Wife, 47, Farmers Wife.

Laura Evans, Daughter, Un, 20.

Mary Evans, Daughter, 11, Scholar.

Anne Evans, Daughter, 5.

Samuel Jones, Serv, Marr, 28, Lab.

William Jones, Serv, Un, 17, Lab.



Elinor Evans, Head, Widow, 67, Pauper.

Elinor Evans, Daughter, Un, 27.



Rachel Thomas, Head, Un, 43, House and Garden.

Anne Thomas, Sister, Un, 45, Deaf.

Mary Hughes, Sisterís Daughter, Un, 23.


Ty Canol,

Rowland Jones, Head, Marr, 52, Lab.

Margaret Jones, Wife, 48.

Catharine Thomas, Daughter, Marr, 27.

Jane Jones, Daughter, Un,7.

Humphrey Jones, Son, 4.

Anne Jones, G Daughter, 3.

Griffith Thomas, Grandson, 3.


Ty Canol,

Catharine Thomas, Head, Un, 58.



John Griffiths, Head, Widower, 42, Farmer of 15 acres, Employing 1 Lab.

John J Griffiths, Son, 5.

Jane J Griffiths, Daughter, 4.

Titus Jones, Serv, Un, 33, Weaver.

Robert Davies, Serv, Un, 31, Spinner.

Nathaniel Roberts, Serv, Un, 19, Spinner.

Jeremiah Davies, Serv, Marr, 57, Lab.

John Jones, Serv, Un, 13, Lab.

Evan Davies, Serv, 9, Lab.

Elinor Owen, Serv, Un, 20, House Servant.

Mary Jones, Serv, Un. 13, House Servant.

John Hughes, Visitor, Un, 52, Weaver. Deaf.


Caer Lon,

William Jones, Head, Un, 51, Basket Maker.

Elizabeth Jones, Sister, Un, 54.


Bryn Meina,

William Williams, Head, Marr, 46, Farmer of 15 acres.

Elinor Williams, Wife, 50, Farmers Wife.

Elinor Williams, Daughter, 7.

Mary Ellis, Serv, 14.


Tyddyn Engan,

Elinor Roberts, Head, Widow, 59.

Richard Roberts, Son, Un, 32.

Margery Jones, Daughter, Marr, 30, House Maid.

William Jones, Grandson, 5 Months.

Jane J Roberts, Daughter, Un, 28, Spinner.

Jeremiah Jeremiah, Grandson, 7.

Catharine Jeremiah, Granddaughter, 4.

John Jeremiah, Grandson, 10 Months.



John Hughes, Head, Un, 28, Farmer of 12 acres.

Mary Jones, Serv, Un, 22, House Servant.

Anne Evans, Lodger, Widow, 65.



Thomas Williams, Head, Marr, 33, Farmer of 30 acres, Employing 1 Lab.

Mary Williams, Wife, 26. Farmers Wife.

Thomas Williams, Son, 4.

William Williams, Son, 2.

Henry Jones, Serv, 20, Lab.


Tyn y Pwll,

William Jones, Head, Marr, 48, Shoemaker.

Catherine Jones, Wife, 48.

Elinor Jones, Daughter, Un, 16, House Servant.

Evan Jones, Son, 13.

William Jones, Son, 10.

Catherine Jones, Daughter, 6.

Anne Jones, Daughter, 3.


Bryn y  Badell,

Catharine Evans, Head, Widow, 78,


Tyn Lon,

Elinor Griffiths, Head, Widow, 62, Farmer of 22 acres, Employing 1 Lab.

William Griffiths, Son, Un, 34, Farmer.

Elinor Griffiths, Daughter, Un, 29, House Servant.

Margaret Griffiths, Daughter, Un, 17, House Servant.



Elinor Hughes, Head, Widow, 60, Farmer of 8 acres.

Jane Griffiths, Visitor, Un, 17.



John Jones, Head, Marr, 40, Farmer of 7 acres.

Catharine Jones, Wife, 37.

Mary Jones, Daughter, Un, 16, House Servant.

William Jones, Son, Un, 13, Scholar.

Thomas Jones, Son, 8, Scholar.

William Griffiths, Father-in-law, Widower, Lab.

Margaret Owens, Lodger, 15, Scholar.



John Edwards, Head, Marr, 68, Labourer.

Jane Edwards, Wife, Marr, 60.

Anne Edwards, Daughter, Un, 19, House Servant.

Mary Owens, Daughter in Law, Marr, 26.

Evan Owens, Grandson, 10mths.



Jane Jones, Head, Widow, Farm of 4 acres.

Laura Jones, Daughter, 13.

Ellis Jones, Son, 8.

Thomas Jones, Son, 3.



Robert Jones, Head, Marr, 40, Farmer of 15 acres.

Jane Jones, Wife, Marr, 30,

Griffith Jones, Son, Un, 13. Labourer.

Elizabeth Jones, Daughter, 10.


Tocia (2)

Griffith Davies, Head, Marr, 35, Tailor.

Anne Davies, Wife, Marr, 42.

Elizabeth Davies, Daughter, 1.



Thomas Griffiths. Head, Marr, 40, Farmer of 14 acres.

Catherine Evans, Serv, Un, 64, House Servant.

Robert Jones, Serv, Un, 13. Labourer.



William Griffiths, Head, Marr, 41, Farmer of 120 acres employing 3Labs.

Elizabeth Griffiths, Wife, Marr, 39.

Ellen Griffiths, Daughter, 10, Scholar.

William Griffiths, Son, 8.

Judith Griffiths, Daughter, 7.

Robert Griffith, Son, 5.

Elizabeth Griffiths, Daughter, 2.

David Griffiths, Son, 2 moths.

Margaret Jones, Serv, Un, 24, House Servant.

Evan Evans, Serv, Un, 17, Labourer.

Henry Williams, Serv, Marr. 39, Carter.


Ty Mawr,

 Richard Griffiths, Head, Marr, 61, Farmer of 24 acres.

Lydia Griffiths, Wife, Mar, 55.

Richard Griffith, Son, 12.

Elinor Thomas, Lodger, 72.


Felin Uchaf.

Mary Owens, Daughter, Un, 40, Mill and farm of 20 acres, House Maid.

Anne Owens, Daughter, Un, 32, House Maid.

Catherine Owens, Daughter, Un, 28, House Maid.

Robert Owens, Grandson, Un, 18, Labourer.

Thomas Owens, Son, Un, 24, Miller.

Henry Jones, Serv, Un, 16, Mill Servant.

Evan Evans, Serv, Un 12, Mill Servant.

William Griffiths, Visitor, Un, 24.

Mary Jones, Visitor, Un, 24, Mantle Maker.



Jane Jones, Head, Widow, 55, Farmer of 37 acres employing 2 Labs.

Richard Jones, Son, Un, 24, Labourer.

Thomas Jones, Son, Un, 18, Labourer.

Anne Jones, Daughter, Un, 30, House Maid.

Jane Jones, Daughter, Un, 20, House maid.


Glan y Gors.

Catherine  Jones, Head, Widow, 50, Farmer of  55 acres, employing 2 Labs.

John Jones, Son, 14, Labourer.

Catherine Jones, Serv, Un, 20, House Servant.

Lewis Owen, Serv,  Marr, 45, Labourer.

Griffith Thomas, Serv, Un, 37, Labourer.


Tyn Llyn.

David Jones, Head, Marr, 75, Labourer.

Margaret Morgan, Serv, Un, 51, House Servant.



Jane Prichard, Head, Widow, 64, Pauper.

Elisabeth Prichard, Daughter, Un, 32.

Susan Prichard, Daughter, Un 30.

Jane Hughes, Grand Daughter, 8.

Mary Hughes, Grand Daughter, 6.

John Evans, Grandson, 1.


Pwllbudr (2)

Elizabeth Williams, Head, Un 49,



Catherine Jones, Wife, Marr, 56, Droverís Wife.

Owen Jones, Son, Un 16, Labourer.

Laura Jones, Daughter, 11.


Plas Iol.

Thomas Owens, Head, Marr, 34, Shoemaker.

Margaret Owens, Wife, Marr, 34.

Elizabeth Owens, Daughter, 12, Scholar.

William Williams, Serv, Un, 21, Shoemakerís Apprentice.



John Jones, Head, Marr, 28, Labourer.

Anne Jones, Wife, Marr, 33.

Jane Jones, Daughter, 7.

Martha Jones, Daughter, 6.

Elinor Jones. Daughter, 4.

Sydney Jones, Daughter, 2.

Evan Jones, Son, 2 moths.


Bryn y Brenin.

Richard Evans, Head, Marr, 66, Farmer of 50 acres employing 1 man.

Mary Evans, Wife, Marr, 71, Farmerís Wife.

William Evans, Son, Marr, 30, Butter Dealer.

Mary Evans, Daughter in Law, 24.


Nyth Cacwn.

Hugh Williams, Head, Marr, 25, Joiner.

Catherine Williams, Wife, Marr, 26.

William Williams, Son, 3.

Margaret Williams, Daughter, 1.


Bryn Ffynnon.

Thomas Williams, Head, Widower, 70. Ag. Lab and Farmer of 4 acres.

Evan Williams, Son, Un, 35, Ag Lab and Farmer of 4 acres.

Margaret Williams, Un, 38.

Sarah Jones, Visitor, Un, 21, Dressmaker.

Laura Owens, Lodger, Widow, 74.

Elinor Parry, Lodger, Un, 38.

Owen Parry, Lodger, 7.


Bryn y Park.

Richard Thomas, Head, Marr, 39, Ag. Lab.

Elinor Thomas, Wife, Marr, 53.



Robert Edward, Head, Marr, 62, Ag. Lab.

Elinor Edward, Wife, Marr. 80.

Jane Edward, Daughter, Un, 35.


Ty Capel Rhos

Jonnet Hughes, Head, Widow, 72, Pauper.

Elisabeth Hughes, Daughter, Un, 44.


Ty Capel Rhos (2)

Catherine Jones, Wife, Marr, 25, Labourerís Wife.

Elinor Jones, Daughter, 3,

William Jones, Son, 1.

James Evans, Lodger, 70, Joiner.


Ty Capel Rhos (3)

Jane Evans, Head, Un, 52, Spinner.


Llyn Gelod.

Evan Hughes, Head, Marr, 33, Joiner.

Margaret Hughes, Wife,25.

Mary Hughes, Daughter, 6.

Rowland Hughes, Son, 4.

Elinor Hughes, Daughter, 1.


LlynGelod (2)

Griffith Davies, Head, Marr, 45, Ag. Lab.

Laura Davies, Wife, Marr, 50.


Ardd Las.

Evan Williams, Head, Marr. 54, Blacksmith, Farmer of 4 acres.

Jane Williams, Wife, Marr, 54.

William Williams, Son, Un 26, Blacksmith.

Margaret Williams, Daughter, Un, 30, Mantle Maker.

Dorothy Williams, Daughter, Un, Stocking Maker.


Fron Oleu.

Laura Jones, Head, Un, 47,

Griffith Jones, Son, 13, Blacksmith.



Hugh Hughes, Head, Marr, Seaman and farmer of 6 acres.

Mary Hughes, Wife, Marr, 62.

Anne Hughes, Daughter, Un 36, Stocking maker.


Dafarn (2)

Owen Jones, Head, Marr, 49, Ag. Lab and farmer of 4 acres.

Sarah Jones, Wife, Marr, 49.

Margaret Jones, Daughter, Un, 13.

Owen Jones, Son, 10, Scholar.

William Jones, Grandson,1.


Pen y Bryn.

Hugh Jones, Head, Un, 53, Weaver and Farmer of 10 acres.

John H Jones, Brother, Un, 51, Ag. Lab.

Elizabeth Jones, Sister, Un, 55, House Servant.

John Williams, Nephew, 12, Scholar.



John Davies, Head, Marr, 64, Farmer of 40 acres employing 2 Labs.

Elizabeth Davies, Wife, Marr, 59.

William Davies, Son, Un 31, Ag. Lab.

William Jones, Serv, Marr, 33, Ag Lab.

Mary Parry, Serv, Un, 31, House Servant.



Evan Prichard, Head, Marr, 70, Farmer of 35 acres, employing 1 man.

Mary Prichard, Wife, Marr, 59.

Mary Prichard, Daughter, Un, 32.

Arthur Prichard, Son, Un, 17.

John Prichard, Son, 15.

Jane Prichard, Daughter, 12.

Jeremiah Prichard, Grandson, 5.

Evan Prichard, Grandson 3.


Cae Du

Thomas Williams, Head, Marr, 28, Joiner and Farmer of 3 acres.

Jane Williams, Wife, 34.

William Williams, Son, 5.

Thomas Williams, Son, 2.

Catherine Owens, Serv, 13, House Servant.



Thomas Jones, Head, Marr, 34, Farmer of 30 acres.

Anne Jones, Wife, Marr, 29.

Mary Jones, Daughter, 2.

Richard Jones, Son, 6mths.

Mary Griffith, Mother in Law, Widow, 67.


Cae Engan.

David Roberts, Head, Marr, 57, Ag Lab and Farmer of 5 acres.

Margaret Roberts, Wife, Marr, 57.

Richard Roberts, Son, Un, 17, Joiner.

Mary Roberts, Daughter, 9.


Efail Bach

John Emmanuel, Head, Marr, 72, Egg Merchant.

Jane Emmanuel, Wife, Marr, 73.


Efail Bach (2)

Unoccipied, To Let.



Humphrey Davies, Head, Marr, 62, Farmer of 32 acres employing 1 man.

Jonnet Davies, Wife, Marr, 75.

Sarah Davies, Daughter, Un, 36, House Servant.

John Davies, Son, Un, 32, Ag. Lab.

Catherine Davies, Daughter, 29.

Elinor Williams, Lodger, Un, 78, Pauper.



Evan Williams, Head, Marr, 83, Farmer of 12 acres.

Catherine Williams, Wife, Marr, 77.

Anne Owen, Daughter, Marr, 37.

Jane Owen, Grand Daughter, 11.

Laura Owen, Grand Daughter, 6.

Margaret Owen, Grand Daughter, 5.

Owen Owen, Grandson, 1.



John Williams, Head, Widower, 75, Farmer of  12 acres.


Tyn Ffynnon

William Jones, Head, Marr, 33, Ag. Lab.

Jane Jones, Wife, Marr, 31.

Anne Jones, Daughter, 8.

Mary Jones, Daughter, 7.

Elinor Jones, Daughter, 3.

Elizabeth Jones, Daughter, 1.


Ty Anne Evan.

William Roberts, Head, Marr, 37, Stone Cutter.

Jane Roberts, Wife, Marr, 40.

Griffith Roberts, Son, 13.

Edward Roberts, Son, 11.

John Roberts, Son, 8.

Elinor Roberts. Daughter, 5.

Jane Roberts, Daughter, 1.


Cayen (?)

Elinor Davies, Head, Un, 64, Pauper.


Ty Bach.

Catherine Evans, Wife, Marr, 49, Marinerís Wife.

Robert Evans, Son, 8.

Jane Evans, Daughter, Marr, 19.

Owen Roberts, Son in Law, Marr, 29, Ag. Lab.


Tyn Rhos



Tyn Rhos (2)

Griffith Griffiths, Head, Marr, 39, Farmer of 20 acres.

Elizabeth Griffiths, Wife, Marr, 41.

Anne Williams, Niece, 3.

Elizabeth Jones, Serv, Un, 18, House Servant.



John Prichard, Head, Widower,72, Egg Merchant and Farmer of 4 acres.

Mary Williams, Daughter, Marr, 31, Labourerís Wife.

Catherine Williams, Grand Daughter, 12.

Love Williams, Grandson, 8.

William Williams, Grandson, 2.


Cwm Corryn.



Capel Melyn.

Robert Jones, Head, Marr, 55, Ag Lab and Farmer of 4 acres.

Elinor Jones, Wife, Marr, 61.

Jane Jones, Daughter, Un, 33, House Servant.

Elin Roberts, Grand Daughter, 3.


Capel Melyn (2)

Margaret Jones, Head, Widow, 75, Farmer of 2 acres.

Margaret Jones, Daughter, Un, 38.

Elizabeth Jones, Grand Daughter, 11.

Jane Ellis, Grand Daughter, 10.

William Roberts, Grandson, 6.



Thomas Prichard, Head, Marr, 65, Tailor and Farmer of 4 acres.

Jane Prichard, Wife, Marr, 74.

Jane Ellis, Serv, Un, 66, House Servant.

Thomas Jones, Serv, Un, 17, Tailor.


Glan yr Afon.

William Thomas, head, Marr, 51, Joiner and Farmer of 3 acres.

Jane Thomas, Wife, Marr, 52.

Evan Thomas, Son, Un, 26, Joiner.

Elinor Jones, Daughter, Marr, 22.

Jane Thomas, Daughter, Un, 14.

John Thomas, Son, 12, Scholar.

John Jones, Grandson, 6.


Evan Jones, Grandson,1.


Cae Rhos.

Thomas Jones, Head, Marr, 39, Carrier and Farmer of 4 acres.

Laura Jones, Wife, Marr, 31.

John Jones, Son, 11.

Griffith Jones, Son, 9.

Mary Jones, Daughter, 6.

Jane Jones, Daughter, 4.

Catherine Jones, Daughter 11mths.


Rhyd y Mieri.

John Daniels, Head, Widower, 83, Farmer of 35 acres and employing 1 man.

Robert Jones, Son in law, Marr, 40, Ag. Lab.

Elinor Jones, Daughter, Marr, 51.

Mary Jones, Grand Daughter, 11, Scholar.

Elinor Jones, Serv, Un, 20, House Servant.

Jabes Jones, Serv, Un, 76, Ag. Lab.

Jonnet Jones, Serv, Un, 41, Dress maker.


Pant Fali.

William Rowlands, Head, Marr, 37, Stone Cutter and farmer of 4 acres.

Sarah Rowlands, Wife, Marr, 37.

Gweno Rowlands, Daughter, 9.

John Rowlands, Son, 1.



Elizabeth Roberts, Head, Widow, 69, Farm of 70 acres, Employing 3Lab.

Robert Roberts, Son, Un, 38, Lab.

Rowland Roberts, Son, Un, 32, Lab.

Griffith Roberts, Son, Un, 25, Lab.

Elizabeth Jones, Granddaughter, 9.

Mary Jones, Serv, Un, 25, House Servant.



John Evans, Head, Un, 77, Farm of 50 acres, Employing 2Lab.

Robert Evans, Brother, Un, 73, Ag Lab.

Elinor Evans, Sister, Un, 58.

Evan Griffiths, Serv, Marr, 37, Ag Lab.

Elizabeth Griffiths, Niece, Marr, 32.

Mary Griffiths, Nieceís Daughter, 13.

Robert Griffiths, Nephew to Daughter, 12.

Elinor Griffiths, Niece to Daughter, 7.

John Richard, Visitor, 2.


Cyll y Felin Fawr,

William Jones, Head, Marr, 48, Farmer of 25 acres, Employing 2 Lab.

Anne Jones, Wife, 38.

Hannah Jones, Daughter, Un, 18, House Servant.

William Jones, Son, Un, 15, Lab.

Owen Jones, Son, 13, Ag Lab.

Robert Williams, Serv, Un, 16, Ag Lab.

Catherine Roberts, Serv, Un, 16, House Servant.



John Williams, Head, Marr, 38, Farmer of 15 acres.

Sarah Williams, Wife, 43.

William Williams, Son, 9.

John Williams, Son, 7.

Owen Williams, Son, 5.

Sarah Williams, Daughter, 2.

Mary Williams, Sister, Widow, 39.


Hendu Uchaf,

Thomas Evans, Head, Marr, 67, Farmer of 120 acres, Employing 4 Lab.

Catharine Evans, Wife, 62. Farmers Wife.

David Evans, Son, Un, 39, Ag Lab.

Evan Evans, Son, Un, 37, Ag Lab.

John Evans, Son, Un, 29, Local Wesleyan Minister.

Elinor Evans, Daughter, Un, 26, House Servant.

Mary Evans, Daughter, Un, 20, House Servant.

Griffith Evans, Son, Un, 18, Ag Lab.

Hugh Evans, Son, Un, 15, Ag Lab.


Tyn y Nant,

Elin Parry, Wife, 53, Mariners Wife and Farmer of 4 acres.

Jane Parry Daughter, Un, 17.

Griffith Parry, Son, Un, 15.



Owen Jones, Head, Un, 71, Farmer of 70 acres, Employing 2 Lab.

Humphrey Jones, Brother, Un, 68, Ag Lab.

Catherine Jones, Sister, Un, 73, House Servant.

Elinor Jones, Sister, Un, 56, House Servant.

Anne Jones, Sister, Un, 53, House Servant.

Jane Jones, Niece, 9.

Thomas Lewis, Serv, Un, 19, Ag Lab.



John Jones, Head, Marr, 39, Farmer of 50 acres, Employing 2 Lab.

Mary Jones, Wife, 30, Farmers Wife.

Anne Jones, Daughter, 10, Scholar.

Laura Jones, Daughter, 8.

Mary Jones, Daughter, 6.

William Jones, Son, 2.

William Jones, Father, Widower, 71, Retired Farmer.

William Jones, Serv, Un, 18, Ag Lab.

Mary Davies, Serv, Un, 20, House Servant.


Tyn Llan,

Rev Hugh Roberts, Head, Marr, 50, Vicar of Aberdaron, and Farmer of 5 acres, Employing 1 Lab, Meirionethshire.

Elizabeth Anne Roberts, Wife, 33.

Edward Fychan Roberts, Son, 7, Scholar.

John Wynne Roberts, Son, 6.

Elizabeth Fychan Roberts, Daughter, 5.

Hugh Llywelin Roberts, Son, 3.

Ellen Margaret Roberts, Daughter, 2.

Richard Jones Roberts, Son, 1.

William Roberts, Son, 6 months.

Sarah Davies, Serv, Un, 31, House Servant.

Elizabeth Price, Serv, 13, Nurse Maid.



Elinor Davies, Head, Widow, 66, Pauper.

Anne Davies, Daughter, Un, 29.

John Davies, Grandson, 3.



Anne Parry, Head, Widow, 46, Farmer of 35 acres, Employing 2 Lab.

Mary Parry, Sister-in-law, Widow, 45.

Geunor Owens, Niece, Un, 27.

Geunor Jones, Daughter, Marr, 26, Lab Wife.

Anne Jones, Granddaughter, 10 months.

William Thomas, Serv, Un, 40, Ag Lab.

John Richards, Serv, Un, 16, Ag Lab.



Griffith Williams, Head, Un, 71, Miller and Farmer of 15 acres, Employing 1 Lab.

Hugh Williams, Brother, Widower, 60, Miller.

Thomas Williams, Brother, Widower, 56, Blacksmith and Engineer.

William Griffiths, Nephew, Un, 46, Miller.

John Griffiths, Serv, 15, Miller.

Elizabeth Williams, Sister, Un, 66.

Margaret Williams, Serv, Un, 31, House Servant.

Sydney Williams, Serv, Un, 29, Dressmaker.



Richard Williams, Head, Marr, 39, Blacksmith.

Elinor Williams, Wife, 47.

Jane Williams, Daughter, 7.

Richard Williams, Son, 3.

Methusalah Griffiths, Serv, Un, 19, Blacksmith.



Robert Rees, Head, Marr, 52, School Master and Farmer of 2 acres.

Jane Rees, Wife, 37.

Elizabeth Rees, Daughter, 8, Scholar.

Elinor Rees, Daughter, 2.

Mary Rees, Daughter, 1month.

Catharine Evans, Serv, 14, House Servant.


Pen y Bont.

Thomas Williams, Head, Un, 32, Ag Lab and Farmer of 3 acres.

Lowry Williams, Sister, Un, 35, House Servant.



Emmanuel Parry, Head, Marr, 45, Stone Mason.

Elinor Parry, Wife, 46.

James Parry, Son, 13, Scholar.

Elizabeth Parry, Daughter, 8, Scholar.



William Hughes, Head, Marr, 66, Ag Lab and Farmer of 4 acres.

Elinor Hughes, Wife, 60.

Elizabeth Hughes, Daughter, Un, 23, House Servant.

John Hughes, Grandson, 11.



Griffith Williams, Head, Mar, 43, Farmer of 7 acres.

Elinor Williams, Wife, 38.

Griffith Williams, Son, 2.



John Rowland, Head, Marr, 56, Carrier and 4 acres.

Dorothy Rowland, Wife, 60.

Martha Rowland, Daughter, Un, 17, House Servant.



Robert Roberts, Head, Marr, 47, Ag Lab and Farmer of 2 acres.

Elinor Roberts, Wife, 42.

William Roberts, Son, 14, Scholar.

Henry Roberts, Son, 11, Scholar.

Morris Roberts, Son, 8, Scholar.

Elizabeth Roberts, Daughter, 5.



William Richards, Head, Un, 55, Stone Mason.


Nhegraig, Unoccupied.



Laura Jones, Head, Widow, 56, Farmer of 10 acres, Employing 1 Lab.

Catharine Jones, Daughter, Un, 33, House Servant.



Sarah Williams, Wife, Marr, 44, Lab Wife.

William Williams, Son, Un, 19, Taylor.

Catherine Williams, Daughter, 11.

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